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AROS Vision 2.4 uploaded

I have just uploaded 2.4

Reworked/Optimized Icons (screenshot)
Different modes for different directories (name or icon-mode) to improve handling
Freeware Raytracers added
New filetypes added (YAFA and many different module types)
existing Filetypes improved
special version of AppStore added (indieGO Marketplace text client)
big number of small improvements, f.e. a number of GUI Toolkits added)

This version will also be base for next release of AMINUX and will be integrated in Phoenixkonsoles new AppStore for easy distribution and installation

In next months I will concentrate on making online-documentations (for both user and developer) and plan to create references/documentations/tutorials for all the integrated components and software

Planned for next future version:
improve integrated developer environments
adaptions to real hardware (like changing icon set)
make use of AREXX ports of the different applications
adding own small components
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i've tested the previous version with winuae, and it was really good. before i once tested it, IIRC on a linux box ( with wanderer?! ).
the workbench replacement directory-opus is now much more responsive ( compared to the old, wanderer ).
cannot give a good feedback, but programs I've tested did work - cannot recall any issues atm. initially i had problems with the correct resolution, but somehow I got the correct screensize - found the winuae config later
for the first impression - one thing buged me. the icon-toolbar looks too huge, due to the AMOS Pro icon. i've change it into something else ( smaller size ) and it was ok afterwards. maybe you can just resize, so it fits the other icons. adding "tile" mode it looks pretty even more - wwell, my kinda taste
the other day i'll try the current version too, perhaps I can give more usefull feedback.

thanks for your work - and all involved.

edit: link to the Aros 68k website - Download area

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