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Old 15 November 2011, 01:22   #1
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FPGarcade, Minimig, Clone-A, Natami?

How compatible to the real amigas are these?
Will they do for producing demos for real amigas or are they comparable to uae? In uae some things work that doesn't work on real Amigas. You can never be sure that a demo made in uae will work on the real deal imo.

I know that only the minimig is available to buy, does it do aga/060?
Will the fpgarcade or the clone-a do aga/060?
I consider aga+060 or better to be mandatory for a demo dev system.

Which one should i go for? What's the latest on the Clone-A? It seemed like Jens aimed to make it very compatible and with aga support. Tempting, but I have been waiting forever now. I am doubting it will ever come.

I somehow got the impression the minimig isn't that compatible, and no aga or 060?

Natami seems cool, but... I dunno, who needs SAGA? ...

What's your thoughts on all these clones? Which one is best? Why?
Can anyone of them replace an A1200 with a 060 board with high compatibility?
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Old 15 November 2011, 09:16   #2
Toni Wilen
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If it has real 68060, it might have close enough timing

Most of these (non-A500) reimplementations also have very fast RAM access speed (compared to real Amiga) which means they will have same kind of compatibility problems as UAE, unless they have some kind of compatibility mode(s).
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Old 15 November 2011, 12:02   #3
Lord Aga
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I like all of the FPGA Amigas.
Still... Minimig, as wondrous as it was back in the days, is falling behind now.
Fpgarcade and NatAmi are the ones to look at these days. Both will have a real 060 option, so a part of your worries is solved. Fpgarcade aims for a lower price (about 200 EUR) and will be a bit more affordable. NatAmi, on the other hand, promises more power. Not only speed. There are true IDE, CF connector, floppy support and compatibility, A500 keyboard connector !!! And SAGA will let you do high res Workbench without being slow as mud. But NatAmi will be the pricier board.

I'm hoping to get both Maybe give one of them to my brother, when we get them set up. I don't think you can go wrong with either one of them.
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Old 22 November 2011, 13:48   #4
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i've done some research myself now, and i think i'll go for the fpgarcade, and possibly a natami later on. Jens really should put out some news now if he wants to sell some Clone-A's.
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Old 23 November 2011, 09:40   #5
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Still having my eyes on the Natami after 3 years. We'll see if it ever get's finished enough for consumers
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Old 23 November 2011, 19:16   #6
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Jens wrote that the clone-A is an hardware implementation of the Amiga.
The others two uses Amiga docs so I assume that clone A once released will be the closest of the 3.
But for now you can't buy it

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Old 19 December 2011, 11:42   #7
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I dont think Clone-A (as a A1200 replacement) will ever come out. The best current bet is FPGA Arcade.
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