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master system joypads

iv got a master system joy and wounderd if it would work on the amiga a1200 iv seen posts that the megadrive controller works
could i please have some help on this matter
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Yes, it works. Any joystick/controller that has the 9-pin female D-sub connector will work. You can use sticks/controllers from the Atari 2600/7800/ST, CBM Vic-20/C-64, Colecovision, Sega Master System/Genesis, and MSX. There's some slight variations on what some of the pins do on some systems, but they still all work.
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I've been experimenting with Sega pads since 94, so I can say, YES, it does work flawlessly

As a matter of fact, it will be better with older games. The pad's second button will act as if you press the Spacebar in the Amiga. You can't do that with the Megadrive pads unless in newer games (at least in A600/A1200 machines).

So, for older games, an SMS pad is the best choice. R-Type, Project X and many otehrs, are much more playable with such a pad, because you dont have to reach out to the Spacebar to perform actions

Newer games (like Alien Breed Tower Assault) will require a Megadrive joypad though
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thanx for the help im new to the amiga i got hold of a magadrive contrller of my next dorr nabour and that worked a treat

ill try the master system one with some older games

tanx againe......


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