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Old 22 June 2016, 11:36   #1
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New GBAPII++ RTG-ZorroII graphic cards


I proudly present the new RTG-graphics board for all Bigbox-Amigas and the Amiga500: The GBAPII++ is now commercially available at kryoflux. We ship worldwide and VAT applies only for EU-countries (customs fees must be paid by the customer).
The GBAPII++ is a ZorroII-card featuring the fast Cirrus GD5434 graphics chip and 2MB of video-ram. An automatic monitor-switch between an external VGA-source (e.g. flickerfixer) and the RTG-graphics is integrated. The card is developed, tested, approved and manufactured in Germany. The hardware-layout is open source at https://github.com/MHeinrichs/A500-GraKa . Compared to a PicassoII+ board this card 76% faster on a A2630 on the importaint RectFill()-function in P96-Speed. Further performance-results can be seen here. The development and support can be found in the German a1k.org-forum here and here.

The minimum system requirements are Kichstart3.1, a 68020-CPU and 4MB of FastRAM and 2MB free in the ZorroII address space. The maximum screen resolutions are 16.7M –color up to 800x600, 64k-colors up to 1024x768 and 8bit color up to 1280x1024. All modes are non-interlaced with a minimum refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The card is currently using the PiccoloSD64 driver from the P96-rtg solution. The P96-driver is shareware and not bundled with this board. A separate license for this driver should be purchased. However CybergraphiX support is in development and will be released, too.

The Amiga500 version is a bit special: First, no housing is provided. A community based 3D-printing solution is planned. Second it needs an internal >68020 turbo card and 2MB free ZorroII address space. Since only a few Amiga500 will meet this requirement, all Amiga 500-verisions are BTO (build-to-order). Any ZorroII-version can be modified to an Amiga500-version but not the other way round.

Best Regards Kryoflux & Matthias
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Old 01 March 2017, 17:04   #2
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There are still cards available! Buy them now, not tomorrow.
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Old 04 March 2017, 01:23   #3
Dancing with Bridgeboards

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It is a very good rtg card for ZII-Amigas, faster than a Picasso II!!

Nice card and NEW!
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Old 04 March 2017, 01:39   #4
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Yes, buy soon if you don't have one! I love my Matze RTG card in my A2000 w/it's native passthru and autoswitch and MILLIONS of colors! WB never looked better and the HW is new!
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Old 05 March 2017, 01:07   #5
Kin Hell
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Just as a matter of interest, how does this card perform in real terms compared to the older ZORRO III cards like PIV, CV64 etc?

I can see limitation of 800 x 600 @ 24Bit, but are there any Benchmark results like the AIBB database thingy?
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Old 05 March 2017, 21:35   #6
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BlindGerman@a1k.org did made some tests in his A4k. He probably can provide results.
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Old 24 November 2017, 00:09   #7

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I finally got all the bits together to make this work. Unfortunately I'm seeing some graphics corruptions at anything about 800x600x8 but I hope that can be put down to a bad solder joint or something. My experiences in getting to this point...

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Old 24 November 2017, 07:21   #8
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I'm getting a bit confused, is this yet a different card than the MNT VA2000 and how do they compare?
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Old 24 November 2017, 12:26   #9
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Totally different. VA2000 is an FPGA implementation from scratch while the GBAPII is a slightly updated reimplementation of the old Picasso II+.
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Old 24 November 2017, 12:48   #10
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More of the Piccolo64
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Old 24 November 2017, 17:56   #11
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You mean not the Piccolo SD 64, do you?
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Old 24 November 2017, 18:12   #12
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Great card, running in my A2000 with Indivision ECS. Can't say enough good things about it.

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Old 25 November 2017, 02:10   #13
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Yes, PiccoloSD64 I think.

And yes - it's an awesome card especially with an Indy.
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