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Originally Posted by acidbottle View Post
Predseda isn't wrong! This is quite a challenge, managed a couple of disks but with a bit of practice it wont seem so bad. Looks fantastic anyway.

2 things, I managed to find a pause button on the title screen, which was odd. Also, please consider adding quit to workbench as an option there. No particular issues in game that I could see.
Yes, same here about the title screen.

I think the difficulty is spot on. Seams a little hard at first but when you start to manage the jumping etc. the game is quite doable. I would not like the game to be more easy.
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Thanks for bug reports, they are fixed in full version.

Watching people play I notice the deaths are usually caused by impatience/panic. There are some deliberate harder parts (acid bubbles/fire dance), but I also made one section much easier as it required precise egg jump timing (1st electric bolt).

Act 2 is probably harder, but you get health to make more mistakes with and if you game over you can restart from Act 2 with full amount of lives.

Also nobody seems to use the down control to fall through the skinny platforms
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