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Wonderboy III - Monster Lair (AGA)

So then, after Wonderboy is finished ...

Possible port of Wonderboy III (AGA) being considered.

Copper bars are terrible at present, plus colours need fine tuning, I admit! Not 100% sure if do-able as needing to populate a level to check frame rates.

[ Show youtube player ]
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Yes! Awesome work! You could always do a “whatever it takes” build and then trim it down after the fact.
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That would be wonderful
Looking great already.
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For a moment i thought you were going to port the one in the Master System where he is turned in a dragon, guess in the future?

As usual if needed can help with the audio part
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Looking great! :O
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@all - Thanks for looking, is incredible what SE is now capable of doing and I'm not even an expert! Doing exactly as you suggest Mixel to see how far we can stretch this, will be AGA for sure and most AGA owners have upgrades of some kind.

Really wanted to do a shoot em up of some type, have one that is taking shape already, as a long term project, but this was quickly cobbled together to see if it would work. Have since added the snails but all other gfx will need ripping, so will need something like FFMPEG or MAME, the later doesn't always yield results. If someone can give me some pointers here I would appreciate it!

@saimon, cheers again for offering, If I can get the 1st 2 levels running then will be delighted to get you on board the audio for the flying shooter sections is awesome!
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