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Old 14 January 2019, 23:34   #521
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Can someone tell me where do I find the games/titles artwork for this fron-end?

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Old 22 January 2019, 08:39   #522
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Finally got the time to upgrade my CD32 XBench setup to 1.11. Great work Jim!
All my previous issues seem indeed to have been fixed. Thanks a lot!

Since I like to customise my setup a bit a heads up here to everybody. If I'm not mistaken as of this version, you cannot just edit the list#.prf files (I like to add games from different folders/partitions to single lists). It took me quite some time before I found out that the crashes that were caused by doing that were due to the fact you now also have to update the count of number of games per list in launcher.prf.

Some tiny issue in the explorer. File names that are longer than the screen width will disappear when selected (result is a blank line). A feature request for the explorer is a select all button, to easily add all mods to the mod window for playlist creation. Or is that a custom button you can create yourself in setup, haven't tried that.

So now we're waiting for the multi-screenshot feature and maybe some functionality that can flush all (Chip)Mem before launching a game, so I can e.g. launch Capital Punishment from XBench. Now it complains about not enough memory.
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Old 07 February 2019, 00:48   #523
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Hi, Xbench does not seem to use S/Whdload.prefs. Is there a way to enable this?
Would like to set some setting like quit key and Splashdelay globally.
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Old 17 February 2019, 23:16   #524
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Hey, thanks for this great release! Updating run flawlessly.

How do I register xbench? I see the donate button on your website, but how much is it and how do I get the key?
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Old 27 February 2019, 11:54   #525
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Ok, I read in the Xbench.guide how to register. I send the money yesterday and wrote an email. I hope Jim can send the reg file soon.

EDIT 07.03.2019: He did. :-) Thanks!

Last edited by Clydos; 07 March 2019 at 11:17.
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Old 30 March 2019, 21:51   #526
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Does anybody know how long the author generally takes to respond after the donation is made & an email sent? I made the donation & sent an email 22/03/19 & have been waiting patiently ever since

All sorted ;D

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Old 01 April 2019, 13:45   #527
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crash boom bang

Just started to test x-bench and downloaded the 1.1 version ; looks good however, when I cycle thru games it just crashes totally, no guru but something weird... I have not checked too much from the settings and I have A500, ACA500+ and 2Mb chipram setup... anyone else having issues or anything I should check ?
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Old 13 April 2019, 11:27   #528
Only Amiga!

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Is there a way to turn off the colour cycling effect in the games menu? I find it annoying but can't see any options to turn it off
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Old 15 April 2019, 15:32   #529
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i dont like to be a grumpy Smurf, but why is LAZYBENCH the only launcher that is simple to config ?
If you have games mixed (whdload/Exe/script) the are all a pain in the Smurf Butt.

Why not using the Concept of Lacybench ? A Simple but very effective way to config the launcher, no matter if Whdload, Script or "exe" . I tried Tinylauncher and Xbench. Sure, they look cool but are so unflexible with Gamenames and filetypes. So much trouble just to get simple things done.

So, for us Smurfs, LAZYBENCH is still number one, because its simple but so effective.
(or course, only when we are to LAZY to use the workbench )
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