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Roadshow strange DNS lookup issue wrong name and IP found


Something has changed so that roadshow is now not resolving names correctly. I have not changed the roadshow configuration so am guessing that I either didn't set it up correctly to start with - and it worked by luck - or there has been a more general change to dns which is now causing things to fail.

The problem.

If I ping google from shell I get a name resolution of google.essex.com indeed if I ping any name, including pc names on my local network, I get this strange domain appended to the name.

The domain line in name_resolution is commented out - uncommenting this and adding, for a test, .co.uk results in 'unknown host' errors if I ping google or anything else even if it has a domain that ends .co.uk, eg the BBC.

In the past pinging google resulted in ping back from their dns server (

traceroute google (or indeed anything) shows the same odd behaviour with this essex.com domain name added. Also the () ip address is always the same (64.x4.xx8.xx) no matter what I try and traceroute.

This is not my router which is correctly identified in the first reply in traceroute, but then it goes out into the internet through my isp's gateways and eventually fails.

However some things do work. I get my amiga's time from an internet time server and that works. General internet browsing via Ibrowse (provided it does not try and grab an https site as this is broken for me) works so I can do google searches. Netsurf works on https sites so I can look at the BBC or many other modern sites.

This is daft. If my DNS is broken, as it looks, how can browsers resolve names???

Has anyone got any idea what is going on? I am baffled.

(oh I have asked this question on the roadshow forum -https://www.amigafuture.de/viewtopic.php?p=66876#66876 -however don't know how active it as having never used it, sorry if this counts as a double post.)

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Your roadshow thinks it's in the domain of "essex.com" - why it thinks so, you must find out. Most likely it gets it from the DHCP-server.
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