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Thank you for your time gentlemen.

That link from Mark pretty much makes it clear that the original card was not compatible with later version ROMs nor auto booting with ks2 or newer. Having said that, the card works reasonably well (sans autoboot) in a stock 68k A2000 with the later boot disk and drivers - I have tried both ks2.04+wb2.1 and ks3.1+wb3.1. The early config software was pretty rudimentary and required manual configuration of drive data. Might leave this card in the machine and boot with a gotek.

If anyone comes along and has an early trumpcard 500/2000 with bootrom, it's quite straight forward to grab an image of the rom without even removing the card from the machine. Just post here.
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Amiga87, did the floppy boot disk you mentioned come with your card, or did you download it from somewhere? If the former, could you create an ADF of the boot disk and upload it so I can take a look?
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This is a long shot since you mentioned there was no SCSI bus activity with the v2.2 boot ROM. However...

On the Trumpcard disk, see the text file devs/ivs_scsi.drives. You could try creating an entry for the SCSI2SD. Make sure it has this line:
.Flags 17
And if there are options to use handshaking for reads and writes in the setup program, make sure those are selected.

In case anyone's interested, here are the flags bit definitions (as used by ROM v2.2, later drivers may use other bits) and a description of the IVS-specific direct-SCSI command 22. ROM v2.2 doesn't support HD_SCSICMD.
Flag	Description
Bit 0	0 = Use blind transfers for reads
	1 = Use handshaking for reads

Bit 3	0 = Don't disable multitasking during reads
	1 = Disable multitasking during reads

Bit 4	0 = Use blind transfers for writes
	1 = Use handshaking for writes

Bit 7	0 = Don't disable multitasking during writes
	1 = Disable multitasking during writes

Direct SCSI command (device command 22)
Issue command 22 with IO_DATA pointing to a structure like this:

Offset.size	Description
0.L		CDB length
4.L		Pointer to CDB. [The driver writes LUN# to bits [7:5] of CDB byte 1 before issuing SCSI command.]
8.L		Expected data transfer length (number of bytes)
$0C.L		Pointer to data buffer
$10.L		Pointer to a byte. 0 or $FF or SCSI status byte is written there.
$14.L		Pointer to a byte. SCSI message byte is written there.
$18.B		Bit 0: Data transfer direction; 0 = receive, 1 = send
		Bit 1: Data transfer mode; 0 = with handshaking, 1 = blind
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