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BlizzardPPC+Powerflyer Somebody Please Help!

I am a 240/040 PPC+Bvision+Power Flyer owner and have also had problems with
the flyer.

My question is why does my ata3.driver prefs say "found PPC240/040+ card
defective rescue mode On". All programs PPC and native work fine (as far
as i can tell) but it is worrying when you see that message on your
screen. The diskpeed command that came with the ata driver reports that my
HD is running at 4Mb/s on my old 030 it did 6Mb/s but i think thats due to
the faster clock speed of the 030 ie 50Mhz and 040 25Mhz.

Have any other PPC+Power Flyer owners had messages in the presfs like mine
and are their
diskpeed values the same as mine?
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Smile Hope this helps?

For what it is worth, I had finally emailed Elbox which I should have done
in the first place. If anybody had similar problem with their Power Flyer Gold.
This is how Elbox explained to me and I quote.

> Configuration: Elbox Fast ATA 1200 Gold BlizzardPPC 240MHZ 68040 cpu
> 25MHZ BVision
> and SCSI. Maxter 1915MB Hard Drive and Western Digital 40GB ATAPI LSZIP
> 100
> ATAPI DVD ROM 96MB of Ram Mirage A1200 Tower. AmigaOS 3.9
> My question is why does my ata3.driver prefs say "found PPC 603e+
> 240/040 says card
> defective rescue mode On".

This requested means that your 68k processor does not execute move.16 commend
properly. It is a very well know bug in one series of 68040 processors made
in USA factory in years 1991/92.

> All programs PPC and native work fine (as far
> as i can tell) but it is worrying when you see that message on your screen.
> It should say card working. All get is PPC 240/040??? card defective
> resecue mode on.

Please do not worry about this requester. It only informs that 68k processor
did not pass move.16 instruction test included in the ATA3Prefs program.
ATA3Prefs stores appropriate info in Envarc:AATA3.prefs file, which makes
that ATA3.driver does not use in your config the commend sequences, which
are not properly supported by your 68040 processor version.

> How do I correct this problem.

Only replacing the 68040 processor by processor with the corrected mask
would help. But you do not need to do it. Our software takes care on this

So I hope this will help anybody out there who has had similar problem.
Elbox was very helpfull. Thank you Elbox!
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nice job!
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Great to know what the msg means BUT...

Great to see that Elbox have all the answers but heres a question, if those faultys are out there, is there a software patch to fix this problem as my cpu is not socketed as Im sure many others arent also
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