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A2000 advice/opinions

I'm not sure if this is the right place! mods move as need be

I've been playing about with the idea of getting myself a A2000 as a 'pure' Amiga workhorse (i.e. no internet, PCMICA, IDE stuff) just an Amiga as Commodore intended.

I'm thinking about a small budget of £150, because I might either regard a 2000 as the 'dogs dangly bits' or 'Dust collector', so thinking of starting small and maybe upgrading.

What I want from one is:

1) HD and the option of fitting a scsi CD-rom
2) More memory than 500+ with a 1mb expansion
3) VGA card

Question is: Suggestion on the type of zorro cards etc I should seek, (within a tight budget) and any general advice

PS: I do know I should seek 6v motherboard.
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I would avoid A1000/A2000 and choose A500/A600/A1200/A3000/A4000 with 1-2 MB chip ram, >=4 MB fast ram, >=68020 and some ethernet solution to get Internet access.
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I probably should add: I do have a OS 3.9 1200 tower. I would like VGA on a proper Amiga, hence the A2000 idea, as the option of a 3000/4000, is far too expensive for my budget.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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hmmmm getting VGA (RTG Graphics) on any Amiga is not going to be cheap I am afraid.

An A2000 is a modest start to be honest, to make the magic really happen you will need to spend money on it.


Picasso II
this will give your 68000 8MB machine 2MB of RTG graphics - it wont be fast with a stock 68k moto though.

Mini-Mega CHIP
this will take your 1MB CHIP and upgrade it to 2MB chip, giving you 8MB FAST 2MB Chip.

from that you are looking at £150 - £200 investment on top of the cost of the A2k itself, and yet to get the most out of it you then need do some serious upgrades like the CPU

A2620@14Mhz or A2630@25Mhz
This will come with 2 or 4MB of FAST RAM, you will need to remove said amount of RAM from the GVP SCSI card

That will give you 8MB FAST, 2MB CHIP, 2MB RTG and it would be quite usable, going any further would be a dedication and labour of love.
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get on over to Amibay where a well priced and restored one is going for a song - tell him I sent you!!
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Might look into a PCI board for my 1200 instead or keep an eye on flebay.
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