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Love your page, but where are the advert scans?

Firstly I adore the amazing work that had been done. But on flicking through some Amiga Mags I have recently bought.. I realised how it is a shame that the adverts aren't included as part of your scans. Is there some way I can see those missing pages as well if they have been scanned? I would happily pay Mort for a DVD (as he used to do) of the complete mags.
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Some magazines have all pages scanned, some only reviews etc.
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The Amiga Mag Rack originally started off as a replacement site for the Amiga Coverdisks site. The site hadn't been updated for years, and I wanted to upload a bigger set of coverdisks with the scans of the labels.

Then I thought it'd be cool to also have a database of the files on the disks, and then show the cover from the magazine issue. Then I add the contents pages from a few magazines, so a lot of the early stuff just had a cover, or the cover and the contents pages.

Then a few other members joined and suggested we include the reviews for each issue, and then it was decided to add scans of the reviews. And that expanded to all editorial content. If it had been decided from the start to scan the entire thing, we might have. But it was/is absolutely tedious to scan a whole load of crap from the magazines, when it wastes a lot of time fixing the scans, rotating, resizing etc.

And I still do not believe that anyone actually reads all the crap in those mags. I'm talking about those 6 page Gordon Harwoods spreads of games for sale, those 1/4 page page mail order company ads, lists of PD disks etc etc.

The other problem is practically nobody offers any help these days. I get lots of people wanting stuff, but if I ask for something in return (such as indexing the reviews from an issue that doesn't have them listed) I never get a thing.
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Strangely enough, some people have asked for the adverts, for nostalgia reasons, and have actually asked on here too.

I understand codetappers problems, as we at Commodore is Awesome have the same problem with scanning magazines, or getting help to do them, and yes, it is extremely tedious repairing every page, especially when there is only one person available to do that.

You'd think AMR would have a reasonable and dedicated team, but allas as with many sites like this, people tend to lose interest, or real life just gets in the way, which is a real shame.

I would help AMR with indexing fixing images & pages from mags etc,, but my current commitments with our own website CiA, and the forum + being a GM on here, just doesn't give me time to commit much elsewhere.

http://awesome.commodore.me does have a fair collection of scanned mags, although some of the content is unknown and is probably lacking, due to the fact we didn't scan them, but were allowed to use them through the variuos sites thet were hosting them, even though some were taken from AMR that we only recently discovered, hence the reason for adding AMR to our contributions. Many Amiga Format mags have been scanned completely, fixed and at 300dpi, which can be identified through the name which includes the suffix "300dpi" . Maybe those will suffice, until AMR regains some more, and willing, dedicated staff.
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I stopped using AMR long time ago. Did some downloads and tried to put my mags into readable files, but quality of scans was not very good, and daily limit and no option to download mag (or what was there of pages) made me look elswere for mags.

Archive.org is good source for old mags, as well couple other pages that I keep in my bookmarks.
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Yes, AMR is very much less than expected and it's a shame that more folks don't scan their mags to contribute. I would, if I actually had any amiga mags anymore

I'm a little concerned though that some who run the site have decided what the visitors will find interesting and have decided to leave out what they don't see as useful - but then it's their site to do with what they want and censorship of things like adverts is just the way they want to run it.

I suppose that anyone that doesn't like it should make their own site?

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