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This game was reviewed in Amiga Format. It looks really cool from the screensshots:

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Glad you like the look of it. I worked on this game with some friends, I was responsible for all the graphics, some level-designs, feature-design/direction, and lots of gameplay testing, lol! A third friend did the music.

I wish I still had a copy of it... when I'm next at my parent's place, I'll see if I can get hold of one, though hard-drives, machines and floppies have been dying over the years :-(.

There was an OCS version, and then we made an AGA version... I forget if the OCS version got finished and we had two versions, or if the game autodetected the hardware... it's too long ago now... I think we had two versions.

I used to be able to run it from my AGA Amiga's HDD, and I'm sure I copied the versions over to the PC I got later, to try it in UAE, so that increases the chance of getting hold of it.

As I say, if I manage to get hold of it, I will submit it to the various online archives for others to enjoy, and respond here with some links.

** If anyone reading this was from Amiga Format, or you know them, and by some chance they have a copy, please, please let us know here, and add it to the online archives for free. **

We were a little disappointed we could never get hold of the CD-ROM edition that month, assuming it was on there... but years later I got hold of the CD and it isn't :-(.

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