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KMTECH Gotek on Amiga 500 plus - need help

Hello all,

Yesterday I received my Gotek drive from KMtech (fast delivery!). I hooked it up, but it doesn't seem to work or I'm doing something wrong here.

First of all, the link provided with the drive to download SELECTOR.ADF did not work, so I downloaded the file from the WORDPRESS site.
I've connected the gotek to the floppy connector (I tried it in all directions) but I can't get the thing to work. When I boot up the amige (with a 1GB Kingston USB stick with Selector.ADF and some ADF files) I get to the kickstart 2.0 screen with the floppy animation and nothing happens. There is a green light on the GOTEK for a moment but the display keeps on showing 3 'dashes'. Anyone else has experienced this?
The manual says if the only thing you see are dashes, the firmware might have gotten corrupted and it needs to be flashed again?

What I have done in my testing :
1) used another USB disc (32 GB Kingston) --> Same result
2) checked if Gotek jumper is set to ADF 0 --> ok
3) completely prepped the USB using RMPREP as FAT 32 --> same result

I might make a youtube movie this evening so you can clearly see it.

Anyone else has had this before?

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more often than not it will be your USB not compatible with the gotek, some people have tried as may as 6 types before finding one that works with the gotek, try to keep below 8gb with the usb stick
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3 dashes means no memory stick inserted / USB stick not supported. I got it with a 16gb Kingston Datatraveler.

You can use card readers to attach SD cards and whatnot to it. Maybe try out a memory card or two? Mine's currently using a 32mb CF card while I wait for a SanDisk USB stick to turn up.
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Not all USB sticks work

Out of 5 sticks I tried only 2 worked. A SanDisk (small red one) and a 16Gb TDK
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Has anyone bothered checking the partition tables of these usb sticks? Any differences between the working vs non working ones?

I just plugged in the first one I found and it worked fine, so I didn't have to debug this myself.
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KMTECH Gotek on Amiga 500 plus - need help

Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Has anyone bothered checking the partition tables of these usb sticks? Any differences between the working vs non working ones?

I just plugged in the first one I found and it worked fine, so I didn't have to debug this myself.

Anecdotally it seems the usb3 ones have worse support. I have seen a few posts where people say they don't work and the sandisk usb3 fit ones i bought don't work. In fact i haven't found a usb3 one yet that does work. They do get detected and the gotek comes up 000 but it seems unable to read the selector adf and just boots to the kickstart. (The gotek works fine with a different stick). I haven't looked at any of the usb protocol but maybe usb3 uses a slightly different protocol.

I would imagine that the usb support used by the gotek firmware is some vendor provided library for usb communication and its probably a bit dodgy.

As for the partition table the sticks i had were 16gb. I did try making a smaller 8gb partition on the stick but that didn't work either. I will have another look at the partition tables between a working and non working device ( i may just dd a working device to Non working one, partition table and all however i suspect its something more like the usb transfer mode,)
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I use a 32gb Integral stick and it works fine.
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