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Originally Posted by stevelord View Post
I'm currently running OS3.9, and was considering rebuilding with ClassicWB.

I noticed that OS3.1.4 is newer. Are there particular benefits over 3.9? Is there a reason to choose one over the other?

On my A4000 I notice that about 6mb of fast RAM gets used up pretty quickly by OS3.9 after boot. Is OS3.1.4 lighter?

Any drawbacks? After ripping myself to shreds putting in an A3660, I've already replaced my Kickstart Roms so that wouldn't be a problem to do again.
Just my personal take, but I trust it's accurate:

Foundation-wise, 3.1.4 is far and away better than 3.9. Numerous bugs, issues and stones have been addressed, making the OS itself very stable, and clearing the way for future improvements, market allowing.

I think of 3.1.4 as a more modern-day version of what Commodore's 3.1 (likely would have been v3.2 from my understanding) should have been--albeit without all the bugs that were left in due to development being halted mid-stream by Commodore's abrupt bankruptcy.

Bells and whistles-wise, 3.9 has a lot of very helpful utilities and touches that 3.1.4 does not currently have; hence, owning and using a careful mix of both is what I currently do.

Keep in mind that Thomas Richter was involved in both 3.9 and 3.1.4 (the latter very heavily) so if anyone could give you a better rundown of what each does best, he can.

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