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Looking for two demos...

This one has been bothering me for like 13 years or so. There was demo in which if I remember correctly, you could see a TV and on the screen there were slideshows and videoclips shown. Some , a clip from Back To The Future 2 (the Delorean flying or sumtin) I think and some neat images (one I think was a drawn sexy woman with wings). The most memorable thing was the background music, I think it was rock, a bit cheesy (like it fit well with the and stuff) but really rocking and memorable, I think it had a distortion guitar, maybe even the same sample as in Lotus 1, maybe not but I still have the melody of that tune ringing in my head occasionally and it's been 13 years since I saw the friggin' demo ! Too bad my memory's hazy and I'm tone deaf so I can't play the melody or anything but it'd really like to hear it again ! and see those clips and images... I have a really faint memory that the title of demo might have included either the word "digi", "video" or "mega" in it but I'm really not sure.... the tune went a bit like "da da da dan da dan dan dan da dan"

Another demo, or might have just been a cracktro or something, featured two bending lines of balls (kinda hard to explain with my english) flying around and there was a cool remix of Goldrunner title music playing. I remember there propably were speech sample(s) "ah yeah" or sumtin. I just loved watching it on my friends amiga and turning up the volume of his stereos I'd like to hear it again as Goldrunner title is one my favourite tunes and I remember the remix being very nice... I also have a faint memory that when you inserted the disk, there was propably 3 choices you could make and one of them gave you the screen with the Goldrunner remix...

Both demos came on one disk and were runnable on a plain A500. They must have been from '88 - '93.
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Should be moved to req.demos....
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Check this site. Maybe you can find it.

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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
Check this site. Maybe you can find it.

Thanks for the link but I've been through so many sites and tried out so many demos and had no luck... It's so hard when I don't know the name of the demo, the name of the group or the exact year...

I was hoping that maybe somebody would recognize my description. I'm sure somebody has seen the demo, after all it had in it !

It was pretty memorable, had lot's of videoclips and cool pictures if I recall right. One of the clips was just plain , dick going to a pussy and one might have been of a blowjob...
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