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Lightbulb Syndicate Intro Goes Green

Bare with me here as I'm not sure whether this is a Linux issue, FS-UAE issue or game issue.

Basically, about 10 seconds into the intro for the game, the screen goes green although the sound continues. Unfortunately it just stays green so obviously I can't do anything from that point onwards. It's this shade of green, if it's at all relevant - http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...F57C2D4F7B9E7/ - reminds me of what you see when you're trying to watch something remotely and hardware video decoding is being used.

I've re-installed the WHDLoad of the game so as far as I can tell the game itself isn't damaged.

I've not noticed issues (and definitely not this issue) in any other game so it's isolated to Syndicate.

Any ideas?
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i just tried out the whdload v2.2 slave of syndicate in fs-uae running kubuntu 16.10.
the intro runs through perfectly fine here. i use the launcher with all preconfigured settings from openretro.org/oagd.net.

do you by chance run fs-uae 64bit/amd64 ? i ask because i ran into several problems with quite some titles when using the 64bit version after changing fs-uae to the 32bit version all those problems disappeared. maybe worth to give it a try.
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It is indeed running the 64bit version, as trying to compile stuff for 32bit is a nightmare these days with more and more libraries disappearing. I'll try anyway though...
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The screenshot contains some images/text which is definitively not from Syndicate (is it the wrong screenshot, or do you actually see this when running Syndicate? (If so, it must be cached textures on the GPU from another game or something).

You can download pre-compiled and standalone 32-bit and 64-bit versions of FS-UAE from https://fs-uae.net/download#linux
Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions should work identically. If not, there is a bug. I'm not aware of any differences. But of course, I cannot vouch for 3rd-party binaries, only the ones I provide!

The binaries (includes necessary libraries) on https://fs-uae.net/download#linux should (hopefully) work on all recent distros.
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That screenshot isn't from Syndicate, I said I used that just to show what shade of green it was!

I build from GIT so I'd rather not swap to binaries, I'll try building 32bit and see if that fixes the problem. I'll also grab a video of the issue first so you can see exactly what I'm referring to properly.

EDIT: Erm, this doesn't happen anymore. Something must have changed or been fixed since the issue happened a few weeks ago. Feel free to ignore this now!
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