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CF Flash and A4000 trouble


today i moved my a4000/040 desktop back from the basement and after at least 16 years sleeping there it still works like a boss

i picked up a delock 91624 cf drive with a 4gb card yesterday and put it into the amiga today to use it as a secondary hdd. the amiga boots from a quantum scsi harddisk via a fastlane scsi controller.

so the cf card was assembled , pfs3 transferred to the amiga and here i go to setup pfs3 via hdtoolbox.

i used the direct-scsi variant
so i setup the drive with the following:

mask : 0x7ffffffe
max transfer : 0x0001fe00
buffers 300
and id 0x50445303

quickformatted the single 3950mb sized partition and it worked liek a charm till here.
i can fill the entire partition and write the data back off the drive without any trouble.

then i started to fill the drive with several whdload installs and here the fun starts.
nearly every slave does not work and complains about missing or broken files. some slaves which check the data even say the files are corrupt.
if i copy the files off the cf card to e.g. the ram disk or to my boot drive the slave works again like a charm.
and to make things even more funny, if i format the cf card with just fastfilesystem every whdload slave woks off the cf card aswell.

since i am out of ideas wth is going on here i need a bit of assistance of the community
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Old 27 November 2016, 01:39   #2
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not that I can explain whats going on, but you are using pfs3aio?
if not, give it a try.

#1) and think about replacing all capacitors. if you have any battery on your board, remove/desolder it.
#2) 0x50445303 seems to be the SCSIdirect mode, maybe you should try the standard mode: 0x50465303
pfs3aio supports all of them.

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Try the pfs3 doctor on the cf card

I always leave a few mb free at the end of a cf card.
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Old 27 November 2016, 14:32   #4
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it seems pfs3aio did the trick. the cf card works now like a charm with whdload installs \o/ i tested both pfs3 and the direct-scsi version and both work.

so my problem is solved.

@emufan: i removed the battery already when i put my amiga into its long sleep. so it couldn't harm my mainboard. as for the capacitors, the amiga was turned off since around early 2000 and before that it was used since 1993/1994. i cant really remeber when i bought it exactly.
but replacing them is on my short term todo list. i just need to find someone with enough soldering skills to do the job around my area.
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Since you're based in Germany you'll easily find someone willing to recap your A4000 at a1k.org. Some claim it's actually more of a risc for caps to leak when the computer has been off for a long time and then turned on again. So indeed make this a top priority.
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Old 29 November 2016, 05:37   #6
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now you scared me off.
on the good news i found someone over at a1k.org who is willing to recap my amiga. i will meet the person this saturday. until then the amiga stays off xD.
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