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I think it's just another myth, based on the (vague) 'Note 1' on greg donners 2.05 page.
I've searched but never found any 'reports' of any problems >40MB with 37.300, just circular quotes from that greg donner page and later wikipedia.
Plenty of reports of people actually using larger drives on 37.300 though.

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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
It was intended to work with large hard drives, and *should* work with them, but there are many reports of it being buggy with anything over 40MB. It works fine for many people, but others report issues. My A600 has 37.350 so I can't test it myself.
This has intrigued me for some time.

Could you link me to the reports please? I've seen this factoid repeated many times, but I don't remember seeing a situation where upgrading from 37.300 to 37.350 fixed an incompatibility.

What kind of problems were experienced with 37.300? It doesn't work could be anything from the drive not showing up to data being corrupted..
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Did you fix this?

I might be ale to help

I had similar issue in the past and it was a problem with the partitioning in WinUAE probably due to the USB card reader

I had issues setting up a bunch of CF cards and in the end swapping out my faulty USB reader which solved all my issues.

I was tearing my hair out for days because I wasn't actually doing anything wrong!

Anyway, I can either make you an image to write back to the CF card or you can send it to me.

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Toni Wilen
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37.300 to 37.350
My guesses:

1) someone had 50M (or so) drive that had some incompatibility (firmware bugs with drivers that didn't exactly behave like PC BIOS or DOS did or hardware incompatibilites were not that rare back in the day). And because it "didn't work", it must be Amiga driver problem! It is also possible .350 added workaround for some specific drive with buggy firmware.

2) It was OFS formatted. OFS size limit is somewhere between 40M and 50M. (Really need to calculate it someday..). Too large OFS partition causes unexpected and mysterious errors.

Someone needs to disassemble and compare both drivers.
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I don't have any links I'm afraid, it's just something I remember reading in one of the Amiga mags back in the early '90s when 2.x ROMs were still relevant, and it's possible that once that was said, a lot of people attributed their issues to it. Both of Toni's guesses sound very plausible.

I wonder if it's possible also that a particular geometry caused issues, and because of the size of hard drives now that geometry is never used, meaning the problem has gone away? As Toni said, we won't know until someone actually pulls apart the drivers to see what the difference is (if any).
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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Anyway, I can either make you an image to write back to the CF card or you can send it to me.

Hey buddy, any chance of making me an 8GB image for an A600 unaccelerated? I can do the games myself if need be

I can also download it

Btw sorry I haven't answered any new questions, just woke up ;(
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Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
I am sure PFS3 aio is good for 8gb with no probs with standard scsi.device.
here is PFS doctor: http://aminet.net/search?query=pfs3+53

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