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Some 8 bit games made in BASIC

By messing around i found out that a few Apple II games which were later ported (or not) to Amiga were made in BASIC (and can be extracted from their respective disks), the gfx & music aren't up to Amiga quality of course but the games engines remain essentially the same ones and could be used to port/improve Amiga versions:

3D Docking Mission.
Accounts Receivable (Tool).
Advanced Blackjack.
Alter Ego.
Andromeda Conquest.
Battlecruiser I.
Battlecruiser II.
Battle For Normandy.
Bronze Dragon.
Cartels & Cutthroats.
Conglomerates Collide.
Demon's Forge.
Demon's Winter (ported on A).
Dungeon Campaign - Wilderness Campaign.
Galactic Adventures.
Galactic Empire.
Germ Lab.
La Cite Perdue (fr).
Nuke War.
Phantasie I (ported on A).
Phantasie II (ported to ST).
Phantasie III (ported on A).
Pirates! (ported on A).
Planetary Construction Set.
Ring Quest.
Roadwar 2000 (ported on A).
Roadwar Europa (ported on A).
Sands Of Mars.
Shard Of Spring.
Shattered Alliance.
Space Vikings.
Starship Commander.
Star Warrior - Starquest.
The Adventure - Only the fittest shall survive.
The Infiltrator (Asm source).
The Standing Stones.
Tigers In The Snow.
Transylvania I.
Transylvania II.
Ultima I (California Pacific Computer version).
War in Russia.
Warp Factor.

Also some Amstrad CPC games were also made in BASIC (in French unfortunately):

L'Affaire Sidney.
L'Affaire Vera Cruz (Available in English).
Harry & Harry - La boite de Rajmahal.
Harry & Harry - Mission Torpedo.
La cité perdue.
La secte noire.
Les Griffes De La Nuit.
Les Templiers d'Orven.
Meurtres En Serie (ported on ST).
Une Affaire En Or.
Warrior & Warrior +.

I didn't investigate more but there's surely more of them on these machines or on other 8 bit (MSX, Thomson, etc.).

Edit: Added several Apple II games.

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A lot of Atari XE/XL game are in Basic. Sometimes you can press break key and type list to see everything.
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
A lot of Atari XE/XL game are in Basic. Sometimes you can press break key and type list to see everything.
The only commercial one I can remember was Football Manager, then again old age doesnt help.
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I've done a Ruby script to translate those AppleSoft BASIC files into formatted ASCII source (It should produce much better results than the other tools i've seen around).


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Another (smaller) script to convert Apple ASCII to standard ASCII:

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Football Director 1 & 2 was in Basic and they became commercial after being mail order for awhile.
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