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CD32 FMV Module Emulation?


I was wondering if it would be possible for WinUAE to emulate the CD32's FMV module?

This would allow the Cannon Fodder intro to play, and would enable the "MPEG Advert" options on Commodore's Demo CD's (and on the Wing Commander / Dangerous Streets CD as well I think). Also, I have heard that Video Creator can use the FMV module in Workbench (using an overlay mode?).

And last but not least, Video CD's would be playable. Yes, I know that I could just put the VCD's in my PC, but it would be great for WinUAE to emulate the FMV's selection screen (in the same way that it already emulates the CD player, and language selection screen etc.) purely for the reasons of completeness and nostalgia!

How easy/difficult would this be to implement?
I realise there are probably many more important features to concentrate on before FMV emulation is a priority, but I though it would be worth asking!

BTW, WinUAE 0.8.25 is fantastic!!

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Toni Wilen
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Unfortunately FMV-module is not documented (same problem with CDTV's and CD32 CD controller)

Maybe if someone is interested in reverse-engineering the player software..
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Cheers for the reply Toni!

Presumably a ROM image file of the FMV module's ROM would be needed too? (Latest version was 40.30 before Commdore's demise, apparently fixes a few bugs and improves compatibility with Philips Digital Video Discs!)

Sounds like it's not going to be possible anyway though.

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