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New Amiga Website: http://www.amigarevive.eu/

Hey guys! Just want to let you know I launched a new Amiga website:
http://www.amigarevive.eu/ which should be filled with lots of awesome projects, information, workshops and especially lots of news! The Site will not contain a forum, but for that the English Amiga Forum is number 1!

The site is far from finished, but the news blog is running at full speed. The site will be advancing through time with abilities and projects/workshops/game pages/etc.

Hope you guys appreciate the efforts Enjoy the site.
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Although two of the first paragraphs are copied from Indie Retro News


I'm hugely grateful for sourcing us Good luck with the site
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of course Honor for who deserves honor
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Only Amiga!

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Just added to my Feedly, thanks looks a great site
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Good stuff.
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It looks really great.

If I may, I would like to propose to remove the carousel at the top. In my opinion, it is better to start with the news items, and add more in the first page. Those carousels usually have articles that are already in the news items, and they take a lot of space without any reason. Unless you make really small in height, like for example omgubuntu.co.uk

Also, make a forward all the http connections to https. This is crucial for your SEO.

What's your plans for AmigaRevive? Are you going to gather all the news items from different websites to one source or the articles are going to have some personal opinion? Are you testing all the software before upload? Do you plan to create guides? What is the thing that will make AmigaRevive different from the other websites?

Keep up the good work. I wish all the best for your new site.
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Well it will be quite big in the end. Lots of ideas. I will also make a special project page for my Amiga => Mac project (Wrapper) kind of similar but more simple version of Amikit.

But it will contain especially news facts/rumors with adding a bit of personal opinions of course. I will not upload specific software to my server, but especially linking to the developer/source sites.

What will make it different? Good question. When I check all the Amiga sites combined, I see that it all have their own pro's and flaws, and I want to combine it to have a good overlooking website with loads of news, info and projects, workshops, where people can find everything they will need to know about the Amiga or get directed the right way when referring to another site which is specialized in the specific subject. But as I said before, a lot of work needs to be done still
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