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Atari ToS on PC

Is it possble to post some german tutorial to install a complete Atari ST 060 (GHz of your PC , eg 2 or 3 GHz) install on Pc here? I've written that and I'm to lazy atm to translate. I posted it on AF long time ago. But ist seems noone is reading there.
Maybe it ist kept better here.
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Post it to an Atari forum or a1k.org.
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not a1k - noone outside their "community" will ever see it.
post it here, there are enough online translators.
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What do you even mean? A Atari-world OS install as typical on a 060 equiped Falcon or other Atari compatible?

So preconfigured FreeMiNT or Magic?
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Installation of AranyM to Hd:

1. Load the live-cd (https://aranym.github.io/download.html)

Mount or burn it on CD.
Copy everything from the CD to an empty ext3 or fat partition. 200 mb should be enough because AranyM can read ext3, ntfs3g and fat partitions (so use your existing partitions. (Data, music etc.). It is Slax based (Mini Slackware linux).

2. You need to install Grub and set it up:
title Atari Free OS text-mode (for testing)
root (hd1,x) #(example: root (hd1,7)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=512000 root=/dev/ram0 from="your HD device" changes=/dev/sda1/home/user/slaxsave.dat rw autoexec=xconf;araconfjit;telinit~4 vga=792 (change it if you like) splash=verbose quiet
initrd /boot/initrd.gz

title Atari Free OS graphic-mode
root (hd1,6)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=512000 root=/dev/ram0 from=/dev/"your HD device" changes=/dev/(your fat or ext partition )/home/user/slaxsave.dat rw autoexec=xconf;araconfjit;telinit~4 vga=785 splash=silent quiet
initrd /boot/initrd.gz
* HD device =/dev/hda2, /sda3 whatever. It must be fat or ext
* The RAM size is free to set of your needs
* vga mode is free to set
* you must configure the changes file

If you don't have any of above fat or ext partitions, install a small linux system with a Desktop. DSL for example. That's easy to use.

3. This partition is used by changes of your Slax installation (internet configuration, keyboard layout etc.). The main System is running in RAM: and will be overwritten by the content of that file. It must be ext or fat.

This is howto create the file:
mknod /dev/loopxxx b 7 xxx
losetup /dev/loopxxx /path/to/slaxsave.dat
mkfs -V -c -t xfs /dev/loopxxx
* There is an example file on the live CD (slaxsave.zip)
* choose the next free loop device. Figure it out with loosetup

From now on the virtual Atari should boot. You can go to the underlying Slax linux with CRTL-F6 to configure and CRTL-F2 for going back.

There is one Problem: The commands shutdown and reboot are both linked to halt which results in shutdown when yout want to reboot. For making it work as exepted edit the file /usr/bin/startaranym and delete row number 30 (it's sometime ago but you'll see the apropriate command).

Most things that are not included in Slax can be loaded afterwards. For Internet you will need a module called sns-tool.
Modules can be loaded from the internet and installed directly. But I forgot how. Sorry.

Here's a manual: https://wiki.aranym.org/manual#networking

For example sitting behind a broadband router using proxy_arp:
Write a script and put it in some place you know. Make it executable.
This is my example (Slax side):

# networking
echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/tap0/proxy_arp
arp -Ds eth0 pub
route add -host tap0 is the IP of the Atari and tap0 is the interface in slax.

Edit the file /root/afros/config at row 105:
Type = ptp
HostIP = 192.168.x.xxx # your host_ip
AtariIP =
Netmask =
Atari side:

Start the Terminal.
ifconfig eth0 addr netmask
route add default eth0 gw # your_gateway (z.B. 192.168.x.xxx)
You can write two scripts an save it in /usr/bin under Slax and /root/afros/drive_c/bin on the Atari.

You can set your keybord-layout in Slax in the file /etc/rc.d/rc.local. There you can also load external Slax-modules if necessary (http://www.slax.org/modules.php?).
This is a good example for understanding how the slaxsave.dat file works.

I hope this is not explained to complicated.

Have fun!

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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
What do you even mean? A Atari-world OS install as typical on a 060 equiped Falcon or other Atari compatible?

So preconfigured FreeMiNT or Magic?
FreeMiNT. Basically preconfigured. But only basically.

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