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Question WinUAE Minimum System Req's?

Hello, I have a question:

Can anybody give me an idea as to what sort of "Minimum System Requirement" you need to get the Latest WinUAE to run smoothly?

I know from my own experience that a Pentium4 - 2.4 GHz Machine runs everything faster than my old A3000 or A1200.

I also know that a Pentium1 - 200 MHz is painfully slow / impossible to use.

I'm curious if anybody can give me an idea of the MINIMUM Hardware needed to run WinUAE at a speed that matches or surpasses a real A3000 or A1200...or any other Amiga Model, for that matter...
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Well, the older WinUAE (0.8.8R9) worked fine on my Pentium 233MMX. Fellow (DOS) I remember worked full speed for A500 emulation on as little as a P100.

There is an A500 only version of the latest WinUAE that Toni also supplies. It may run full speed for emulating an A500 (without filtering) on a very low spec machine.

Truth is however, I don't know. My old Duron 800 with SDR ram had zero problems with WinUAE; my current XP 1500 (1.33GHz DDR ram) is absolutely fine emulating every WinUAE setting I throw at it, JIT on or off.
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I'm currently running WinUAE on a PIII/700, and pretty much everything runs at full speed with no problems. I've upgraded the CPU from a PIII/500, which also ran just about everything fine. If your specs are comparable to or above either of those then it's possible that an improper configuration could be causing problems, or that some sort of driver problems could be causing problems. You don't have to have a mega-fast machine though to get good performance out of WinUAE.
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I presume these specs/details quoted are full-emulation of a A500 (i.e. including sound). I always remember sound being a problem on my old PII - but that was a few years ago with a old version of WinUAE - I cannot compare now with my P4 as I am on new version of WinUAE too.

In my opinion, without sound or with very bad sound you are not emulating the Amiga as 99.999% of users would like.

So therefore minimum requirements must dictate that the emulated machine is at least on par with the audio/visual/processing capabilities of a stock A500.
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I agree completely. IMHO the only really useful minimum system configuration specs would be those that allow you to at least match the A500 in performance without in any way having to scale back the sound or graphics settings below those needed to fully duplicate A500 capabilities, and without using any tricks like frame skipping. I know that my PIII/700 can manage all of that with the latest versions of WinUAE with plenty of room to spare. For that matter, I can get performance out of WinUAE on that box that tops the performance of my A2000 with it's 030/25 accelerator card, so that makes me think you should be able to go quite a bit lower in horsepower and still be able to emulate the A500 at full speed without making any compromises.
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Thumbs up

Thanks You Guys!

I'm the guy that originally posted the question (I have now registered).

I've used WinUAE on my 2.4 Ghz Machine to emulate my A1200, and I'm very impressed. But my Dad's old 200 Mhz just doesn't cut it for using the latest versions (which gives the best compatibility IMHO). My Dad is still using his A3000 for various games and applications, but I'm getting nervous that it may be on it's last legs (I just replaced the hard-drive, and cleaned it up inside, but she isn't exactly brand new anymore .

So, since he needs a newer PC anyways, I just wanted to see if I could get him something that could emulate his A3000 at a comparable speed. I wasn't sure how low I could go and still expect half decent results, and now I know that a 733MHz machine can probably handle the load...

Thanks Again!!!
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Hopefully you'll find that the performance you get with a 733 is quite good, but if you're actually going to get him set up to run WinUAE on a box with those specs, be sure to come back and tell us how well it worked. Sometimes on a slower machine, what I would consider "errors" in a configuration can create a noticeable slowdown that might not be noticed on a fast machine. For example if you're trying to emulate a stock A500 and you pick a screen mode that is 32 bits deep, that can put an extra burden on the emulation that buys you nothing, since the machine you're emulating can't make use of displays with that depth anyway. If you do find that you're not getting decent performance out of WinUAE, its probably a good idea to look at all of the settings you're using to see if you're asking it to do more than it needs to do. Good luck!
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i remember my old P2 350, 256mb ram, win 98se ran winuae 08.08.09 fine...

the sound on later editions of winuae was terrible no matter what i did!
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I never really tried to run WinUAE on anything less than a PIII/500 before, and there was a period of time where the performance on some releases wasn't very good, before Toni took over the project. After that the performance has steadily improved, and it seems to me as if the past couple of releases may perform better than any version I've ever played with including 08.08.09. Whether or not the current version would perform very well on a PII/350 or not though, I couldn't say for sure.
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I've seen Winuae running with sound and all pretty well in 350 mhz machines, but in older versions. The newer versions are a lot slower in my P233 MMX, so I guess they would need a little bit more.

If all you want is to play games , Fellow is a pretty good solution.
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I remember that before buyin an Athlon 2K i was running WinUAE 0.8.8 to a P200 with only 32 MB RAM, 4 MB graphics card, an A500 configuration with no sound with VERY good speed. Almost equal to an Amiga 500. But again, with NO sound.
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