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While we're at it:

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Without getting too technical a BVM normally has higher TV lines (resolution) than the PVM.
They also tend to have removable modules for different inputs. Later ones can input HD content etc
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What kgc210 said. They also tended to be quite a bit more expensive back in the day

VM=Video Monitor

For Amiga you don't want to too high line count since your needs are "240 line". You want a beam width close to PAL line count.

What you want in a monitor generally (that is to be above the rest) is adjustability (BVM module, CRT TV remote with/without service menu unlock, same for flatscreens if you're that way, pots at the back of an arcade monitor for beam focus, geometry etc etc.

That and a low number of hours (since service) on it is the only important factors really for a picture quality you'll be happy with.

Sorry for "telling you what you want", American style. It's not intentional, too lazy to rephrase. If you know what you want, you know what you want.
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Originally Posted by iddqd View Post
Also, some seem to have a parallel port connection, or similar, for computer. I wonder what that might be for. Auto-calibration?
Seems they are Sony's own standard for 25-pin RGB connectors.

Found a adapter for SCART here: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/...cart-converter
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