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Mr Softy
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Cool References and Easter Eggs in games

I hope it has not been done before.
I had this thread Idea after reading this thread.
Let's do a list, then!

- In Lemmings, some levels where using music and artwork from some of their other games.
- In Duke nukem 3D Atomic (pc / mac) there is too many references to list them all, but here are a few exemples: a hidden chappel where you can kill the Doom character, a police station with Harry Calahan's desk, a hanged Indiana Jones, "Wanted" posters with Unabomber's face and also Unabomber's flat, 2001's Monolith, etc etc...

That's all I can think of. Add the stuff you know!
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There are many "Easter Eggs" in Games one of my Favorites is in Lotus Turbo Challenge See below instructions:

1. On Main Screen Enter Player 1 as "Monster"
2. Enter Player 2 as "Seventeen"
3. Start the Game

You will be taken to a Sorta Asteroids Game.

See Screenshot Below:
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Tim Janssen
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Post Some cameos or references to other games I remember out of my head:

Days of the Tentacle: Enter the room with a computer in it, turn it on, and enjoy a game of Maniac Mansion;
MDK 1: In level 3 (the icing-level) when you slide down mountains on you hoverboard, you can collect special Earth Worm Jim powerups for extra lives. The Mad Cow which made its first appearance in Earhworm Jim also appears in this level;
Premiere: Lots of billboards with references to previous Core-games can be found here (Chuck Rock, Heimdall for example);
Super Frog: The horizontal scrolling space-level definitely is a reference to Project X;
Turrican 2: In world 3, level 2 shoot a special power-up and the text 'Katakis lives' will appear. This is of course a reference to Factor 5's earlier work, Katakis);
Zool 1: In a certain level Zool enters a huge arcade cabinet only to play... Zool. He must jump on different buttons to let the Zool-arcade-sprite jump and run.
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Although not a game there is an easter egg or sorts about a certain famous multibillionare called "Bill" & exactly what his employee's thought about him when you typed a certain sentence & thesaured for alternatives in earlier version's of MS Word....
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In the Mac version of Duke Nukem 3D, if you typed a code in the movie projector it would show the movie 1984 by Apple on the movie.
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Mr Softy
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Heh... That's what happens when you are too lazy to perform forum searching yourself. I need re-education.

Nice stuff in these threads! /me loves easter eggs.

@ cv643d : That's why I enjoy this game so much. It's literally stuffed with with things like that. Yummy!
Never seen the Apple commercial tho.

More! More! *hungry*
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Tik Gora :D

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Not found in a game .. but i'd like to share anyway.
A local college gained a new program (wrote by me ) to control logon's in the resource room (200+ pc's).
The program showed the college logo on 1 side and a scrolling list of the 'Acceptable Use Policy' on the other.
I made the program not show the logon boxes until the AUP had been 'read' .. (Basically a cheat, i just checked that the box had been scrolled to the bottom ).
Anyway .. the easter egg just replaced the college logo with a piccy of my mush ( dark shades lookin ard etc.. :P ) and replaced the text briefly with some of my waffle for something like 5 seconds and then reverted back.
To activate the said 'egg' you had to click on the 3 fullstops found in the 1st portion of the AUP text.
NOBODY would ever find this i thought .. dammit .. college tech. rang me up pissing himself laughing coz my piccy was flashing up all over the resource room as the students tried out the 'egg' somebody just found.
Boy was i red faced next time i went down the college.
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There was a reference in Monkey island 1 for Loom in the Scumm bar with a pirate wearing a badge saying "ask me about loom"

Not really an easter egg but more a sort of reference.

In Doom II you could kill commander keen in the super secret level too.
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Originally posted by Drake1009
There was a reference in Monkey island 1 for Loom in the Scumm bar with a pirate wearing a badge saying "ask me about loom"
In Curse Of Monkey Island, there's a dead pirate in the chicken place (the place where the dude asks for the reservation slip). This pirate has a badge (I think it was a badge) that says "Ask me about Grim Fandango"
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I suppose that when you ask them about Loom, or Grim Fandango, he spouts an enormous amount of mock PR babble?
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[ Show youtube player ]
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In the spectrum version of 'How to be a complete bastard' (not sure about the other platforms), there was a spectrum computer hidden in a cupboard and if you used it, it would reboot your actual spectrum!

Games Coffer
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