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Typhoon 030

I have a Typhoon 030 accelerator with SCSI, and I have a couple of minor issues with it I'd like to fix.

1) With the card installed the Amiga takes ages (~15 sec.) before it even begins the boot process. I am assuming that this has something to do with the SCSI port (which has nothing connected to it). Is my assumption correct? And how might I fix it so that the Amiga boots instantly as it should?

2) How should I go about replacing the clock battery?

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1) Use a SCSI HD: less CPU overhead, more speed.

2)Use a solder iron and buy a replacement VL2020.
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Press left mouse button a few seconds seconds after powering up and it will skip the SCSI lookup. You'll notice it start to boot immediately at that point

Great card I used to have one. The SCSI works very well but I only used it for an external CDRW. However with a 50pin header it should be easy enough to run a HDD off it.

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I also have one of these - decent card. But the SCSI timeout during boot is ridiculous. It does not just need *one* LMB mousepress, it needs several. If no buttons are pressed it takes a minute and a half before the machine boots.

I know people have asked this before, but surely there must be some way to disable SCSI apart from desoldering the SCSI chip? (which I frankly was considering, not sure if that would break the damn card though. Or if not, my crappy soldering skills would!)

I've tried numerous terminators, and the jumper setting, sometimes described as SCSI enable/disable (the rightmost one) does not appear to do much. Problem is, with any SCSI terminator mounted the depth of the card is way too big and will venture outside the bottom case, even with the trapdoor removed, making that not a feasible solution.

(And btw., the SCSI terminator did not do anything with the timeouts when it was attached)
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Toni Wilen
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I can quickly check if boot ROM has any undocumented SCSI on/off checks. (This card's ROM is not yet dumped/available)

Desoldering ROM chip is guaranteed to disable SCSI but it also can disable RAM (depending on where and how the RAM is mapped) and/or some other features too..

Custom KS ROM may be also able to fake the mouse button press/patch the ROM but I don't think it is worth the trouble..

EDIT: Only disconnecting single SCSI chip pin (not sure which yet) may also disable SCSI.

Sending pm.

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That is very much appreciated, @Toni. Hopefully something might turn up in the boot ROM. I'll follow your instructions in the PM and forward you a dump.
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Toni Wilen
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Some possibly interesting notes after quickly checking the ROM dump (thanks!):

- SCSI driver is 100% identical to E-Matrix 530 (and probably E-Matrix 1230). SCSI is located in second autoconfig board ($890/$21)

- Memory detection (first autoconfig board, $890/$24) is almost identical, name of memory has been changed ("e-matrix 32-Bit Fast-Ram" -> "Typhoon, © DCE 1999") and some extra code is appended, it looks like it is some kind of memory size check.

E-Matrix does have autoboot on/off jumper which changes mapping of SCSI autoconfig board's boot ROM. (offset=0: autoconfig nybbles with diagrom bit set, offset=$80: autoconfig nybbles with diagrom bit cleared).

Typhoon ROM have same data (SCSI part of ROM is identical, after all) but it is possible hardware logic is missing or it is hidden or solder bridge needs to added.

SCSI chip is detected simply by writing $02 to 53C94 command register (RESET command) and then reading same register, if value is not $02 -> do not initialize SCSI driver.
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Interesting details, yes.

I guess the question then becomes how to prevent either writing $02 to 53C94 (or to intercept the routine which reads it)?

Maybe some hack can be made to test this in practise by modifying the resident memory and performing a warm-boot (which also goes through the same initialization sequence); since re-flashing the ROM on the board is not an easy thing to accomplish.
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Does it matter if you terminate the bus?
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Toni Wilen
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Code simply executes 53C94 SCSI device select commands until (long) timeout expires or any device responds.
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If there's no ready-made way to disable the SCSI chip (e.g. jumper pads)...

Pin 56 of the 53C94 is /CS (chip select). You could try pulling that up to Vdd to disable it. That might work without desoldering the pin and lifting it up. E.g. connect a 10kΩ resistor between pin 56 and Vdd, maybe with a switch in-line so you can enable/disable the SCSI chip easily, in case you ever want to use a SCSI device.

Or, pin 53 is RESET (active high). Similar thing, try pulling that up to Vdd then the chip will be held in reset. Maybe holding both /CS and RESET high would be best to minimise power consumption???

(Vdd is on 53C94 pins 38 & 88 but you could connect to another +5V source on the board instead.)

Looking at the board pics on amiga.resource.cx, on the underside there are a couple of places where it looks like there might be selectable options: a resistor(?) above two empty solder pads. I wonder what difference there would be if you were to move the resistor to the other pair of pads? [Definitely don't bridge the empty pads without removing the adjacent resistor first though!]

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