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WinUAE 3.4 Setup

Hey everyone!

I am a fan of retro and vintage computing and am looking into the Amiga systems now. I was alwayus curious about them growing up but never had one (still don't, but would love to get my hands on one one day). As such, that leaves me looking at emulation to quench my thirst and a bit of Google-fu tells me that WinUAE is the best emulator to achieve my goals.

Now I am not new to emulation and understand that ROMs are needed and such and I have found them and have the emulator asking for a boot disk. Now I have found some guides that detail setting up WinUAE, but none of them I found are for the latest 3.4 releases (except one on Youtube that was little use to me since I do not speak German). There are some nice step by step guides out there for the older versions but they are just different enough to give me reason to wonder if I am making the wrong choices since them mention settings that no longer appear as far as I can see and the new version having options that do not appear in the guides.

Does anyone know of a good and current setup guide that will help me get up to speed on the Amiga since I am not super familiar with either the emulator or the computer platform itself?

Thanks in advance for any info!
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Heya LyteWing,

Welcome to EAB

Ok, I've give you a very, very, very quick guide to setting up any WinUAE version (and I'll use my current setup as a sort of base)

  • Download the [zip-archive (32-bit)] archive.
  • Extract to the directory "C:\WinUAE".
  • Create a directory "C:\WinUAE\ROMs" and extract the ROMs you found to here.
  • Create a directory "C:\WinUAE\Videos".
  • Create a directory "C:\WinUAE\Rips".
  • Start WinUAE, go to "Settings" --> "Paths" and set exactly the following:


For now use "Settings" --> "Quickstart" to try different Amiga models depending on the game you want to play i.e. "A500" or "A1200". Load the required game ".ADFs" and select "Start".

Once you're ok with all of this and we can help you set with more advanced things like display / scanline options, saving configurations etc...
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Thank you so much for the reply, DamienD...I really appreciate it.

So that is all I have to do....the games and programs boot from the images? I thought I would have to have some type of OS disk or something. And some of the guides I saw mentioned setting up hard drives so I assumed there was more to it.

I will try your settings and advice when I can and let you know how it goes. I am craving some old school Starflight action and I head the Amiga version is the best.

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