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Dr. Dude
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Turbo card. Needs a fix

ok, i got my self a turbo card. The MicroRobotics (MBX) MBX 1230XA
But it seems to be not working
The comp starts, the HD kicks on for a bit, and then it just sits there....doing nothing.

Now i have found a pic of it in the Amgia hardware book (see attachment)
second i made a pic of my card

So, any hardware dude who can say whats broken?

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Have you got the install disks? (some are available here: http://amiga.resource.cx/install/install.pl) It's a long time since I set up my accelerator card and I'm not sure if you need the disks or not. In any case there should be some diagnostic software on the disks.

Also try it without the RAM installed (to discount faulty RAM).

There are also some compatibility problems between certain A1200s and certain cards see my previous posting here: http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=149789&postcount=19 (and check out the replies.)
I remember getting only a black screen with what was my brand new accel card (a DKB Cobra 40 - I ended up replacing it with a 33MHz version which worked with my machine.)

Hope this is of some help.
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Old 06 July 2004, 15:00   #3
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A 030 accelarator should work without any extra drivers installed (should be plug n play (or pray ) hehe..

I would try without (or with another simm, preferably) .... Blow away any dust that may be between the 1200 and the accelerator-slot ...
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Old 06 July 2004, 15:31   #4
Dr. Dude
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my migy is cleaner then it ever has been
I have the "install" disk But that keeps bugging me that there is no card (and he's right)

as when i put it in and boot it....it never comes to Wb
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Old 07 July 2004, 17:37   #5
AMD powered UAE
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Can you get to the early boot screen (Both mouse buttons at bootime) with the card in. If so, there wouldn't seem to anything fundamentally wrong with the card itself. The diagnostics page from the boot screen will confirm.

If so, boot with no startup-sequence and type:-

set echo on
execute s:startup-sequence

which will show all commands executed from s-s and allow you to see where it's failing. Then you can comment that line out of startup-sequence and try again.
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Dr. Dude
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well thats in order if theres a hd in it. eh?
but even whit out a hd, it just stands there, no "insert disk" screen
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