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Strange issue with PFS3-AIO

I just had this problem happening and it's really weird, perhaps some light can be shed here!

I had a corruption issue with my CF card and re-did it. As far as I could tell, the device works fine, because I was able to image it and fully format it without errors.

Yet I was just copying some stuff over, and these warnings appeared (in this order):

After this happens, the volume gets write-protected until I reset.

Weird thing is, this only happens when I want to copy a particular folder's data onto this CF partition. I can keep copying other stuff after this. It has not complained.

I am using WinUAE for this, 3.5.0, the system is an emulated A600 with KS and WB 3.1, 020 CPU on fastest speed, CF mounted as "a600/1200 IDE" and CF.
Sandisk 1GB card, set up with 10 buffers on partition.
I am copying from a PC directory mounted as a drive.
I will now try to copy that same folder to another location on the partition and see what happens.

[edit] I copied the same folder to the root of the partition, then moved it to where I wanted to put it originally and it worked. So I am a bit puzzled.

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Originally Posted by Akira View Post

set up with 10 buffers on partition.
Obvious, isn't it?


PFS3 partitions should have at least 100 buffers. Recommended is to use between
200 and 300, using larger values for larger partitions. If the partition
contains large directories (more than 2000 files), use 350 to 500 buffers.

PFS3 has a build in sanity check ensuring the number of buffers is between
70 and 600. Below 70 buffers PFS3 cannot function properly and above 600 the
overhead of maintaining the cache would become a problem.

Each buffer in the cache is 1024 byte (1K), independent of blocksize.
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Toni Wilen
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Documentation probably is including the worst case, very tiny buffer works fine in most normal situations.

I guess buffer automatic increase (if memory is available) would be the best option. I'll think about it..
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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Obvious, isn't it?
Why the rudeness? It isn't obvious. (and that documentation does not come with the PFS3-AIO archive, so I never read it, I don't use PFS3 v5.3) We discussed this in the past, this is why I chose 10 buffers. Normally I would have left it at the 30 default, and if I had shit tons of RAM to spare, I would have upped it. But I don't. I don't want to use 300KB of RAM for buffers on each partition.

So if the issue is created by buffers, I'll increase them. But I don't know, was the 30=150 issue ever fixed/resolved? Maybe I can spare 100- buffers. Gotta test.

I realize this is related to directories with loads of files, and I can curb that. But I never had all the other issues before when I ran out of buffers. The directory structure got corrupted before PFS3 could lock the drive. I don't even know what the other stuff meant, but I experienced some more issues later (ablock id issues), and I used the "diskvalid" tool to fix it. It now seems to be working fine, but I guess it could turn to issues down the line.
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Did you try checking the partition with pfsdoctor?
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As I just wrote, I used diskvalid and it fixed two errors, now everything is working well.
I'm trying to understand the situation so I can take measures to prevent it from happening again. I'm increasing buffers right now to see what's up.
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