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Just a quick update to share what i’ve been working on. I’m concentrating my future CD32 discs to consolidate some of my older packs into 4 main discs:

4 Decades Of Demos - Pure Amiga Demos Only, 0.2 already out, will continue to update once a year.

4 Decades Of Homebrew Games - everyone knows the word homebrew nowadays, but this pack contains, pd, shareware, licenceware, coverdisk games.

2 Decades Of Amiga Games - Commercial games only, will contain alot of games from my earlier discs consolidated and loads more other games i wanted to add but didnt fit into any genre or company disc. Also contains cheat versions of some games in a seperate folder. Though larger discs like Team 17 and Psygnosis will remain, the other discs will be retired and deleted.
This also will come with a PDF manual for those extra CD32 controls that have been added.

Unreleased Amiga Game Collection - 0.1 already out, will release another update with my unreleased games at some point.

I’m also going to write up a basic ‘how to make your own CD32 disc’ PDF at some point, just put some down notes down so its a little while off yet!

Though i will still release the odd seperate disc, i have a couple almost ready to go, but most of my work will concentrate on the above 4 main discs from now onwards.

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'50 CD32 Game Multi-Disc' - new disc out now.

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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
'50 CD32 Game Multi-Disc' - new disc out now.


Hello Jay

Thank you once again for another release. Downloading now and cannot wait to check out the readme to find out whats in it!

Much love man
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Thanks for this ;-)
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Thanks for the great work! Been messing with some of your discs and it seems a lot need PAL to boot (the menu) and even some of the games need PAL to work, though most seem to work in NTSC. Is there a way to make these disks force PAL mode when they boot up? Would be a great solution for all CD32's in the world.
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