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Voodoo cards aren't supported in Amithlon so no warp3d support either.

You can use the Wazp3d stuff though with decent results.
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I have a new module file for the following network cards (mostly motherboard), it doesn't build with the kernel so had to be manipulated a little to get it to 'make' for kernel4.


It's based off this, no changes to the driver just massaged the make file.
version 1.07

Download it here for your Amithlon system.

Extract the files to ram: then copy the r1000.o file to your devs: pcidrivers/net/ folder and copy the other three files to your S: directory.

It will overwrite your pci_modules, vendors.txt and vendors_pci.txt files in S: so you may want to back those up. The new ones were updated and should give more useful info as well when doing a pcilist command as well.

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Originally Posted by jdog320 View Post
Also whenever I play a sound in VBox, there's like a 1 sec delay before it happens. I can notice it and it's very annoying.
You can try this, some info from Bernie:

Just a quick note --- in the year-and-a-half since I actually wrote the
contrib3b sound drivers, processors have gotten a lot faster... Which,
strangely enough, means that the contrib3b sound drivers are actually
working worse than when they were written.

The reason is that they contain a heuristic that adjusts buffer sizes
according to processor speed (need slightly larger buffers on slower
processors, as a rule of thumb), and that given the generational leap
in processors since mid-2002, that heuristic is now coming up with
somewhat silly results (*tiny* buffers).

Fortunately, you can override those silly results. Simply set a couple
of AmigaOS environment variables:

AHIFragSize : Gives the *size* of each buffer. Minimum 32,
maximum 8192. Default is 512, and you might want
to increase it to, say, 2048, if simply changing
the number of buffers doesn't help (or doesn't
work). Probably a good idea to keep it a power of 2,
i.e. one of 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 or

AHIFragCount : Gives the *number* of such-sized buffers the driver
uses. Whenever one gets empty, a request is sent to
AHI to please refill it --- while the other buffers
get played. The more buffers, the better the chance
that request gets serviced in time... but also the
higher the time between an app sending sound data
and that data actually being played.
The default value on all reasonably modern machines
is 3; You can increase this to any value up to 32.

Use - setenv AHIFragCount 8

Now for the caveats:

* Bigger/more buffers means data spends more time in the buffers.
It's no problem if you are just listening to MP3 music; But if
you are playing, say, a fast-paced action game, you want the sound
to match the action, and not be a fraction of a second behind.

* When recording, it is better to have many small(ish) buffers
than few larger ones --- because the data can be read as soon
as any one buffer is full. When playing back, few large buffers
are preferable to many small ones, because the delay is the same
either way, and it's more efficient to do things in larger blocks.

* Not all linux drivers support all sizes and/or counts. You can
only try, and if changing one parameter stops things from working
altogether, try changing the other one (or try different values).
You *might* get some useful information from "xcat /proc/kmsg",
but don't count on it.

The default buffer sizes, as set by the heuristic on modern machines,
gives a total of 1536 bytes; At 48000 samples/s 16 bit stereo playback,
the sound card will consume 192000 bytes per second, so the buffers are
about 8ms worth of sound. That's somewhat silly. Bump that up to roughly
40ms (i.e. setting AHIFragCount to 16, *or* AHIFragSize to 2048), and you
should still have a very nice game experience. Increase it to 166ms
(setting AHIFrageCount to 16 *and* AHIFragSize to 2048), and you should
be set for perfect MP3 playback and beautiful recording.

Hope this will help some people get the most out of their machines,


P.S.: Oh, one more caveat --- using those AmigaOS environment variables is
completely and utterly untested.
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