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Windows won't snapshot...

I'm trying to get all my windows looking just right, so when I open the folder, all I can see is the game icon, and none of the readmes. I'm also trying to get the window to be in a good position on the screen instead of all the way to one side or another.
So I open up the folder, get everything positioned right, and select "snapshot all". I've also tried "snapshot window" and anything else that seems to have the word snapshot in it. However, no matter what I do, the window will always stay in its old place with the same size. The only thing that will stay snapshotted is the icons. What's going on here? I could've sworn this worked before!

Using OS3.9 boing bag 2.
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Make sure the directory has an icon (name.info) and it is not write protected.

Use IconEdit to create an icon and use icon information to check protection bits.
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Every folder has an icon (it's set to show-> only icons) and every folder, as well as the parent folders have read, write, execute, and delete options ticked. An example directory would be Storage:WHDload_Games/A/Agony/

Whenever I perform "snapshot all", I can hear the harddrive tick slightly, however, when I perform "snapshot window", I hear nothing.
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