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gnu objectdump as disassembler

What do you think about m68k-amigaos-objdump to disassemble files?

HINT: m68k-amigaos-objdump -dNL <exe>

m68k-amigaos-objdump.exe -dNL nshello2

nshello2:     file format amiga

Disassembly of section .text:
pass 1: 1/2
pass 2: 1/5
pass 3: 1/7
pass 4: 1/7
pass 5: 0/7

        jmp  .L3
        .word 0x0000

        .word 0x16c0,0x4e75

        lea -256(sp),sp
        movem.l d2-d3/a2-a4/a6,-(sp)
        movea.l 284(sp),a4
        movea.l (a4),a6
        lea 24(sp),a3
        lea  .D1(pc),a2
        movea.l 288(sp),a0
        lea 292(sp),a1
        jsr -522(a6)
        move.l 8(a4),d1

        tst.b (a3)+
        bne.s  .L2
        moveq #24,d2
        add.l sp,d2
        move.l d2,d3
        sub.l a3,d3
        not.l d3
        movea.l 4(a4),a6
        jsr -48(a6)
        movem.l (sp)+,d2-d3/a2-a4/a6
        lea 256(sp),sp

        .ascii "dos.library\0"

        .ascii "Just a hello world. if you cast "
        .ascii "x to integer is: %ld\n\0"

        lea  .bss,a2
        movea.l +0x4,a6
        move.l a6,(a2)
        moveq #33,d0
        lea  .D2(pc),a1
        jsr -552(a6)
        move.l d0,4(a2)
        movea.l d0,a6
        jsr -60(a6)
        move.l d0,8(a2)
        pea +0xa2
        pea  .D3(pc)
        move.l a2,-(sp)
        jsr  .L1(pc)
        movea.l (a2)+,a6
        movea.l (a2),a1
        jsr -414(a6)
        moveq #0,d0
        lea 12(sp),sp
        .word 0x0000

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