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Smile Hello from Lancs

Hi all,

Just joined up after being bitten by the Amiga bug again after a number of years without one.

I had a 1200 BITD, and towered it up before the kits to do so were available, meaning IDE splitter build on verboard, keyboard hack soldering direct to the chips and using an A1000 keyboard, PC erver case, fitted with Quad speed(!) CDROM drive and 340Mb HDD, Microbotics 1230XA with 8Mb (or maybe it was 16?). Sadly I got rid of it a number of years ago and have regretted it since - especially when I see the prices they go for now

Recently acquired another 1200 with a 80Gb HDD and have been playing with formatting it to FFS, PFS etc on the Amiga and in WinUAE.

Bought an ACA1221ec (which sadly is currently sent back for tests as it doesn't run at 28MHz) and found it doesn't like updated scsi'devices via loadmodule so I've been playing with Remus as slightly updating the 3.1 ROMs it came fitted with.

Hoping to have many a nostalgia trip with loads of the old games I used to play way back when.

I also collect Arcade machines, hence the handle.

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Hi Chad,

Welcome to the forums!
I too have the ACA1221, a good little card. Hope you get yours sorted out soon.
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Hello from down the A6 at walkden(ish).

You never seem to leave, I ditched my 500 for a pc rather than a 1200 back in the day, which sort of made sense, then bought a bunch of stuff a few years back off a mate who had it in his loft, sadly the 1200 from there died, tested it the other day after more years of not being used and its now totally dead, as is the 030 that was in it, then bought a boxed escom machine, and an aca 1232, then an apollo 040, then acquired another cbm 1200, and have just moved everything to the cbm machine as Ive decided to stop hoarding as much, selling off my snes and original xbox stuff to pay for the wedding kickstarted that.

I dare not get into arcades, the wife would kill me I think... wonder if she would mind one actually....
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Thanks for the welcome

The ACA1221ec looks a decent card, unfortunately mine just yellow screened when set to 28MHz - I've done the timing fix and it's fine at 21MHz. Hopefully I'll hear back about it soon, I can barely boot into WB now I have no fast RAM!

I used to work in Bolton so know Walden (ish). I think you're right that it's in your blood! That's a nice collection of machines and accelerators you have, I'm beginning to wish I went for an ACA1233n...

Careful if you decide to collect arcade machines as one is never enough, I'm up to about 15/16

This weekend was spent burning eproms with a slightly updated 3.1 so at least I no longer need to worry about updating the SCSI device in order to see all my partitions

All good fun...
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