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cheeky scoundrel
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A few entries that passed my eyeballs: Netflix's Bright. Quite okay, but ultimately not really too out of the ordinary. It's a great concept for something better in a future movie, this ends up being a sort of origin story that boils down to a weird crossover of a David Ayer "guys with guns" movie and orcs and elves fantasy, with the odd joke thrown in for good measure. That concept alone keeps the interest alive long enough, but don't expect to give the movie much thought after it finishes. IMO they were too conservative with this, if they had made it full on wacky it would probably have left more of a lasting impression. 6/10

Kong: Skull Island. Definitely better than Godzilla and there were a few scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed; Kong is handled with respect too. But... meh. The military dudes want to shoot up the place aspect of it fell very flat for me. Conceptually it seems like the movie is split between being devised by a person who had the imaginary force of a child and a person who had no imagination at all; I wonder if the same duo worked on Avatar. 6.5/10
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Maj. Voodoo

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Kong: Skull Island soundtrack is far better than movie as whole.

It had some retro feel that I did not find in other n-th 'sequal/remake'.
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cheeky scoundrel
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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

A movie that could have been the next Star Wars, if only the main character, Valerian, wasn't the biggest douche nozzle in the world. I wanted to blame the actor picked for the role, but no. It's just the role itself. How to self-sabotage: make your main hero a weirdo that looks like a teenager with a split personality where one is a jerk and the other is a sleezeball.

And make his partner, Laureline, a hottie with an equally split personality; I wonder what the instruction for Cara Delevingne was; we're going to show you off in a really skimpy bathing suit [ Show youtube player ] right off the bat, for the remainder of the movie try to be as unappealing as possible. It'll be edgy. Her interpretation: basically act like a teenager with mood swings. Ugh.

But that's really all I can spit on in this film, other than that it's an inventive piece of work that blows the imagination. Even after several series and many seasons of Star Trek, I was still surprised by some of the creations in there. It starts really strong (David Bowie + Rutger Hauer: applause) and from that strong opening really cannonballs into different levels of zanineness. I'm not even going to spoil any of it, just go see it with your own eyes.

The movie has its flaws; it tries to be funny at times but doesn't really succeed and Clive Owen was just a terrible choice, he really needs to let his Sin City performance go at some point. But all that just takes a backseat to the true marvel of the movie: the vast, colorful and diverse universe that has been sculpted for it and boy does the movie deliver.

Great world, decent story, spectacular CGI (the movie is 99.9% CGI by the way), good side characters, god-awful hero characters. Definitely worth spending 2 hours with.

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Yeah it was ok; nothing special

6/10 or maximum 7/10 in my books...
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