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View Poll Results: Was your school equipped with an Amiga?
Hell yes! 14 9.52%
Wish it was... 108 73.47%
We didn't have computers back then 25 17.01%
Voters: 147. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 27 July 2015, 18:34   #81

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We had a PET, the first one, with the coloured keys. Then our computer room was equipped with serveral Commodore 8032 around 1984-1986. Later they have been replaced by boring Epson PCs. I remember I have also seen a Commodore 64 somewhere.

At University (1989-1995) we had mostly Sun Sparc Stations and some Silicon Graphics. So I never had to work with Windows.
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The first computers we had in my school were 3 TRS-80 Model 3's in the math room in junior high. Later, we started getting some Apple IIe's, and then IIgs's and eventually Mac's.
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Happy with just blackboard and chalk...
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R.I.P Smudge 18-08-16

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Originally Posted by zipper View Post
Happy with just blackboard and chalk...
Until the board rubber came whizzing by your ear (or was that just me?)
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Not only you, there is a death scene in some part of Nightmare on Elm Street with blackboard.
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Still an Amiga user
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I left School in 84 - as teenagers we were enjoying hand held video games but alas at that stage we had no computers - my School closed down a few years later - I heard that by then pupils were lucky to still be getting books let alone computers. It was a bad time for education in South East London around that time.
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Old 27 July 2015, 19:39   #87
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Junior School (about 87-91) - Only ever saw the BBC Model B. It used to be on trolley that got wheeled around to different class rooms as needed. It had Folio for writing and Dr. Logo for drawing.

Comprehensive - Again mainly BBC model B right up to my last year which was probably '96. We had a few Macintosh Classics with Claris works but nearly all GCSE work for Business Studies was done on the BBC.
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Old 29 July 2015, 21:35   #88
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I wanna change my vote.....

We never had Amiga's yet, all we had were Mac Classic SE's and a few BBC machines, and Acon
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Amigas In School


About 17 years ago my daughter came home and told me she'd used an A4000 for Animation work in her schools Art Department in the local village.

I found out that there where 2 Amiga's one an A4000/A3640/VLab Zorro II Card and with 2 Meg Chip RAM and 2 Meg Fast RAM.

The other Amiga was an A1200/BlizzardMKIV.

I got in touch with the Art Department Teacher and I then became his "Amiga" Techie

I upgraded the A4000 to an A3640 and 16 Meg Fast RAM.

When he retired he foned me and suggested I ask the Headmaster if I could buy the A4000, and the headmaster gave it to me as a thanks you for the years of help I had given.

That A4000's motherboard is now installed into a Elbox Mediator Towered system with a Cyberstorm MkII/SCSI/128 Meg Fast RAM/Voodoo/Spider USB card.

See https://www.flickr.com/photos/lincsa...up/3986652882/

Regards, Michael

aka rockape

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Only to run the heating system

Truthfully though we had BBC Micro Model B's which was what I also had at home so I used to sneak a few 5 1/4 inch floppies with games on into the school.
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Old 30 July 2015, 01:44   #91
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At university there was an amiga room.
Room full of a1200s.
All animators had to do there first project on the amiga.
The year was 1997.
There were other amigas still in use dotted about the university. I remember it well.
Then the G3 macs came along and soon after that, the G4 macs.
The amiga room lasted till about 2001. I remember going back to uni to check if the Amiga room still existed but was empty
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Michael Sykes
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80286-1MB-14Mhz later also Mac LC. At least it was Motorollin'.
Both medicore even for the early to mid 90s.But it did not stop us from playing Golden Axe during the lessons when the theacher wasn't watching.

To be forced to learn/work on a sluggish win3.11 was so traumatic it kept me away from the PC 'till 2003 or so.
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