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Hungry Horace
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Lots of Amiga Games being played with Kaillera

Hello there,
just thought i'd mention that myself and a few other die-hard amiga fans have been playing some amiga games online using uae-kaillera with some adaptions i made of the www.sensiblesoccer.de SWOS online download.

current list of games that have been made availible for play include;
  • Alien Breed SE / Alien Breed 2 / Tower Assault 0.5
    Arcade Pool / Arcade Snooker 0.1
    Banshee 0.1
    Bloodwych / Data Disk 0.2
    Bubble Bobble / Rainbow Islands / Parasol Stars 0.1
    Chaos Engine / Chaos Engine 2 0.3
    Dalek Attack 0.2
    Dynablaster 0.1
    Gauntlet 2 0.1
    Golden Axe 0.1
    IK+ 0.1
    Indy Heat / Super Off-Road 0.3
    Jaguar XJ220 0.1
    Lemmings / Oh no! More Lemmings! 0.1
    Lotus Trilogy 0.3
    Midnight Resistance 0.1
    Minskies Furballs 0.1
    Nitro 0.1
    North & South 0.1
    Pang 0.1
    PD Pack #1 0.1
    PD Pack #2 v0.1
    Qwak 0.1
    Rodland 0.1
    Sensible Golf 0.2
    Sensible Soccer / Sensible World of Soccer 0.1
    Ski or Die 0.1
    Speedball / Speedball 2 0.3
    Supercars 2 0.1
    The Settlers 0.2
    Wipe Out 0.1
    Worms / Worms DC 0.3

PD Pack 1 includes; Biplanes, Dogfight, Chopper Attack, Parachute Joust, Tanx, Tanx-n-Stuff, Gravity Force II, Gravity Power.

PD Pack 2 includes; BlitzBombers, Llamatron, Pengo, Pong, Scorched Tanks v0.8, Scorched Tanks v1.9, Sneech, Super Foul Egg

if anyone fancies joining in the fun, just get in contact. Its pretty easy since these have all been made into unpack-and-play style packages. PM me or something if u'd like to join in. BTW this list is constantly growing.


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Just thought Id give you a link to horaces website, has loads of amiga games so you can play em online with yer friends


its great, except I dont know any amiga lovers in japan so my pings suck
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Hungry Horace
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i've updated the list in the first post to include all the games available in the latest bittorrent download, which you can find on my site, or get directly from here;


if anyone has a sudden fit of generousity feel free to download it and help out by seeding!!
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Old 24 April 2007, 00:36   #4
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Kick Off 2 as well

What servers do you use?
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Hungry Horace
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Originally Posted by Sober
Kick Off 2 as well

What servers do you use?
recently i have been playing Bloodwych online on the kne!pe and aep-emu.de servers

i cant remember if a kick off 2 pack was ever made, but it could be sorted (dunno why you'd bother when SWOS is there though :P )

feel free to pop in http://amigaonline.pspuae.com chatroom and have an ask around

edit: kick off 1/2 pack is in the downloads section
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We already have a version running one of the older Competition Versions of Kick off I need to download your pack... some good games there !!
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I am browsing on your site Horace and cant find the way how to download any of your gamespacks. Pack 3 is not available because its being worked on pack 4.

I would like to try some games online (very nice lists you have there ) but where to get latest gamespacks when:
I've decided to remove all the old Amiga Online packs from the downloads section completely. This means, that with the BigPack 3 torrent being dead, there is now no way of accessing any of the old packs for download. If any users have old version packs uploaded elsewhere, i would ask you please to remove them as soon as possible.
Can you help me?
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