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For Sale: Various Amiga Games

For Sale: Various Amiga Games

Hey Yo!

Here are some various Amiga games for sale. Prices are marked plus p&p. If interested in any games/offer then either PM me or email me at: spudmanno5@yahoo.co.uk


Aladdin £1
Bonanza Bros £1
Chase HQ £1
G-Loc £1
Mortal Kombat 1 £1
Mortal Kombat 2 £1
On The Ball - World Cup Edition £1
Road Rash £1
Striker £1
Zool £1

(or £7.50 for whole lot of boxed games)


Cool Spot 50p
Double Dragon 2 50p
F/A-18 Interceptor 50p
Foundations Waste 50p
Mortal Kombat 2 50p
Puggsy 50p
Toado (Seems to be a copied game but seems to be registered) 50p
Wiz & Liz 50p

(or £2.50 for whole lot of unboxed games)


Amiga Action Disk 2 Febuary 1995 25p
Amiga Action Disk 2 April 1995 25p
Amiga Action August 1995 - Quik The Thunder Rabbit (Full Game) 50p
Amiga Computing April 1992 Issue 47 25p
Amiga Computing November 1993 25p
Amiga Format Disk 52a 25p
Amiga Format Disk 63a 25p
Amiga Format Disk 65a 25p
Amiga Format Disk 70a 25p
Amiga Format Disk 71a 25p
Amiga Format Disk 72a 25p
Amiga Format Disk 75a 25p
Amiga Power Issue 12 Disk 12 25p
Amiga Power Disk 1 Issue 47 25p
CU Amiga Disk 41 25p
CU Amiga Disk 42 25p
CU Amiga Disk 72 25p
CU Amiga Disk 86 25p
CU Amiga Disk 92 25p
CU Amiga Disk 96 25p
CU Amiga Disk 98 25p
CU Amiga Magazine Disk 117 25p
Dual Format (ST and Amiga) Disk March 1991 25p
The One Amiga June 1995 Disk A 25p

(or £2.50 for whole lot of coverdisks)

The whole lot of this can be bought for £10! So if you are interested or if you have any offers on combinations you want then please get back to me! I need room and space!


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Age: 34
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Hey Yo!

As well as money i am also after:

Amiga 4000 Power Tower and/or Busboard
SunRize AD516
Wonderswan/Game Gear/ZX Spectrum Games

So if you have any of the above then get back to me and see if i'm interested!
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