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Old 25 March 2009, 14:29   #61
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i one of those that would rather just plug it in and it work and do what i want it to, all that other stuff should be left to the hardware designer and software people , thats why i pay for the stuff, ya wouldnt buy a brnd new car and be told that you had to get the engine running now would you,
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Old 25 March 2009, 14:39   #62
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I dont do anything in DIY style. Its boring, waste of time,glue, tools, NO ! I can do some repairs, it it was necessary there would be no other way. But its never necessary (talking about computers now ).
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Old 25 March 2009, 14:43   #63
. . Mouse . .
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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I donno m8, that Kinetic RISC over clocking thread is pretty damn epic m8!
Hi Zetr0
Somehow I missed your kind comment, hence the slow reply - I'm learning, I hope.

Not done with the RPC Overclocking or the A3000-modding BTW.
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Old 03 August 2009, 15:17   #64
2nd era...
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I would tinker, but I need to learn soldering skills first.
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Old 03 August 2009, 15:21   #65
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1) warm up whatever you want to solder
2) dab a little bit of solder on there to make the joint
3) remove your iron

If you fail at 1, the solder won't stick or will go to the wrong place. Too much of 1 and you will ruin the component you're soldering.

Use resin core solder. Select the solder and your iron's tip appropriately, 0,5-1,5mm is fine for electronics work.

Off you go. :-)
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Old 03 August 2009, 15:27   #66
2nd era...
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I have had a go, but it seems I am a master of the dry joint.
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Old 03 August 2009, 16:40   #67
Input Needed
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check this out...

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Old 04 August 2009, 03:30   #68
Ya' like it Retr0?
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some damn fine solder skills I must say

I can however say, if you want to move from amateur-burn-a-board soldering, get FLUX PASTE..... it will improve your soldering by a factor of 10!!!!

no more dry joints.... no more frustration that its not taking solder.....

just £2.50 a tub of copperlux from Wilkinsons or Wicks, and it will last you a year of good use / abuse!!!

remember to get some IPA or other cleaning solution flux is nasty stuff if left and copperlux is designed for copper pipes in plumbing.... it just also happens to be FANTASTIC for soldering .... and cheap...

for cleaning PCB's, I two differing processes

Process 1. Small boards / Parts
  • Use pre-diluted car screen wash (£1 for 2 litres at poundland)
  • 6-9 minutes in the Ultra Sonic cleaner (a solution of water and Fairy liquid)

Process 2. Large Items like motherboards
  • Using electric toothbrush (£1 from poundland) and Pre-Diluted Car Screen Wash over area
  • Use the Dishwasher on 50, no drying cycle. Item is allowed to dry over 48 hours in airing cupard rotating every 12 hours.

Other usefull (£1) things....
  • Pack of 9 steel Scourers
    (great for cleaning your Soldering Iron tip without loosing heat)
  • Large Pack of Steel Wool
    (usefull for removing Laqure / Carbon compund from PCB boards so you can solder to the copper)
  • Industrial Rubber Gloves
    (when playing with Ferric Chloride, this is Very Safe and Cheap!)
  • Dental Kit, with both metal hook * Point,
    (great for positioning soldering components and helping to leaver them free when de-soldering)
  • Cable ties
    everyone needs these, and for 500 of them for a squiddy, what can you say.

will post more later.
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Old 04 August 2009, 10:18   #69
AmiBay MegaMod
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Toaster oven soldering links, for those who thought I was smoking the tea bags again....this is for Zetr0 as well, who I reckon will rush out and buy one....



Cool, eh?
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Old 18 August 2009, 16:37   #70
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The pre-balled BGA's really aren't that bad if you have a hot air rework station and some high temperature tape such as http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3...raturepcbtapes (we were actually using Kapton tape at my last job, which is $0.33/foot)

Position the BGA, tape it into place, flux it up with liquid no-clean flux, then hit it with a heat gun. I was applying 44-pin BGA's no problem. Preheat part & board to 200C for 30 seconds, then apply 250C for 10 seconds, done.

Of course, you should check the datasheet for your particular part to see the soldering temperature recommendations.

If the part isn't pre-balled, goodluckwiththat, the quantity of solder is *critical* on a BGA since you cannot rework it, and without a machine, your odds of a good job (i.e. no shorts or opens) are... poor.

Last edited by Shadowfire; 18 August 2009 at 16:48.
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Old 18 August 2009, 21:20   #71
Has the Amiga bug again
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Great tips Zetr0.

I chose the middle option but really I don't trust my soldering skills. For important stuff I buy... for messing about I like to make my own stuff. I wish I knew how to design PCB's etc... I did a little bit of playing with PIC programming (and with it learning some C) with the help of Dimlow but that has dried up since I formatted my PC and can't be bothered installing the software again!

I wish I had the chance to go back to school to learn these things with a specialist teacher there to ask questions to... plus having set lessons with targets suits my learning style... I can't do self taught stuff... well not properly!
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Old 05 May 2010, 00:06   #72
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Really depends on how complex the project is.
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Old 05 May 2010, 10:05   #73
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Only thing I've done is solder some wires for a 50/60 switch in a Megadrive recently, and that took 3 tries

I was better at it when I was in my teens, but I'd rather buy good quality stuff, leaving the soldering to the experts
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Old 14 May 2010, 23:13   #74
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i mostly made SCART and FDD cables, mouse+kbd adapters, ATX PSU, repaired leaking batt, and other similar small problems.
still, I prefer ready, commercial, factory made solutions. esp. the ones that are almost as old as Amiga. it 'preserves the authenticity'..
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Old 28 July 2010, 22:18   #75
Happily Retired...
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If it Aint Broke, Fix It !!!!

Thats my motto...
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Old 13 December 2010, 21:23   #76
Amigan - an loving it!!
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HAHA! I knew my electronics diploma would be useful for something. Built a 6502-controlled robotic arm, decimal counter (for no other reason that it was there), a motion-detect water squirter and an A1200 tower!!!

Obviously the A1200T is an ongoing project.....!
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Old 13 December 2010, 22:02   #77
Global Moderator

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HAHA! My brother (who doesn't have an electronics diploma) bought a Xtal radio kit and proceeded to assemble it...

When he'd finished, it didn't function as a radio, but it sure made a good metal detector! (Don't ask! )
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Old 05 February 2011, 11:44   #78
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Diy all the way...

no real fun in just plugging in !

I'm old school...

Nothing is chucked out until I've mended it to death!!
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Old 09 February 2011, 00:09   #79
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Originally Posted by ceedy View Post
Diy all the way...

no real fun in just plugging in !

I'm old school...

Nothing is chucked out until I've mended it to death!!
Mended to death.. I've an attic full of junk computers that probably worked perfectly until I 'fixed' them - or 'temporarily' nicked a RAM chip from them!
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Old 06 August 2011, 12:22   #80
Alien Breeder
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I'd love to see someone start building these:

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