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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
It would take years to sell everything individually and get the best prices. Three years ago I considered doing it to fund the purchase of a classic car, even listed everything on Amibay but last minute I changed my mind and never sold anything.
It's a question I've asked myself many times in recent years too. I've got quite a bit more stuff than you've listed here but honestly I've realised I don't actually care, there are alot more easier ways to earn money than sell things of this nature. I say start a new business and earn a few 100k and forget about wasting time selling old Amiga stuff for 10-20k...

I admitt, it's a bit of a problem with space if you're a crazy horder but a friend of mine recently said to me "just get a bigger house" it's amazing how sensible that actually sounds
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"Just get a bigger house" did work for me. I went from my room at my parents to a 2-bed flat to a 4-bed house.

But in 2005 I had to downscale when I moved from an incredibly cheap area of the UK (Plymouth) to one of the most expensive (Oxford).

If I could start my own business and make 100k+ I think I would have done it by now. I'm not a risk taker which is why I'm not wealthy.
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I did not even sold my A1200 040/PPC BVision. I just left it in the cellar of a place I was renting, about 10 years ago.
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Old 23 February 2015, 01:40   #24
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You could get some bucks for that 1200 with PPC BVision today, that's for sure.
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I do for sure

I wish I still had mine just for nostalgic purposes.... and to show my son how computing used to be... hell for that matter I still wish I had my C-64.....

I remember the first time I saw an Amiga game... I can't recall the name but it involved jousting and other medieval type games.... Kings something or other... but the graphics blew me away.. Saw it at a computer swap meet in Los Angeles with a Commodore user group... went out and bought one the next day... such a visionary machine for its time...
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I can't imagine EVER selling my A500. That thing means too much to me to ever part with it. I did however give away my CD32 to a couple of ungrateful young-uns, who then proceeded to trash it. I regret that.
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Old 09 March 2015, 14:03   #27
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The game you trefer to, was it: Defender of the Crown?
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Old 20 August 2015, 08:58   #28
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I never regretted selling my Amiga 1200. I used it to play some HD installable games like Ambermoon, Lionheart and Space Quest IV, but I actually favour my Amiga 500.

I do regret selling my C64 (in good condition) shortly after buying it on a flea market. Transfering files would've been to time-consuming without modern hardware (like 1541 ultimate).
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I regret selling my first Amiga CDTV and Amiga 1200 NOS from Perto last year
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I never sold my Amiga, but I'd probably hang myself if I had.
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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
I never sold my Amiga, but I'd probably hang myself if I had.
See, usually in jest people say "I'd probably kill myself", but you go into specifics here. Do we need to start worrying!?
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When I went down the PC route in 1996 I didn't sell my a1200 with blizzard a1220, it just went into storage. It came out last year good as new and now sports a load of upgrades. I'm so pleased I didn't sell it.
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Old 21 August 2015, 05:12   #33
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I can't say I regret it, although there is a tinge of regret.
But my Amiga sale was required for PC hardware, which I used for work.
I regret not having enough money to keep it, but the decision was the right one.

Same as i regret not having my SX-64, but I had to sell it to get my Amiga...
I don't regret selling it, as it was the means to an end that turned out well..

Now, I regret some of the silly decisions I made, which led to me not having the money and having to sell my previous systems..

Hmm.. Maybe if I'd relied more on piracy...
Kidding...er..um.. (Adding up what I paid for SoTB II, Dragon's Lair, Fighter Duel, etc.. Hmm.. Yeah, all those might have allowed me to keep my Amiga.. Hey!!! Where's the object lesson there?) ;-)

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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Do we need to start worrying!?
Absolutely not
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Here's my (sad) story, but hopefully, with good ending

I've bought (my parents actually ) A1200 in 1996, and sold it out in 1998. Year after that, while Nato bombarded Serbia, I really haven't got anything to do (school doesn't working, nothing to do actually), and A1200 would be awesome to have, but I sold it. so I turned on back to my Commodore 64, gathered some old book, and started learning basic.

Years after that (2002-2003), I worked at local television, and I saw some A1200 under the desk. It was off, all TV computers was PC's, so I've taken that Amiga. and I came to the director of TV and asked him, if he would like to sell me. He said, he don't want to sell me, but to take it for free.
Man, I was happy. And the best thing is, when I turned it on, it had a Blizzard card (I think 25MHz) 8MB ram (10 in total, I think), and 40MB HD.

Years after that (2006-2007), I've left my parents house to live on my own, and of course I have taken A1200 with me. I've moved from city to city, doing jobs, and on my last moving, I know I have seen it first 2 weeks. And then, it just disappeared. I've searched everywhere, and nowhere I could find it. Still can't. It was 2011 when I lost it.

2 months a go, I was browsing through Ebay, and couldn't resist, and I bought Amiga 500. So, again, I am proud owner. The good thing is that it have another 512 Kb Ram (and working). The bad thing is that it have no mouse, no joystick, and only 4-5 floopy's, and only 2 working.

In the future, I am planing to buy ACA 500 and some flash card with it, joystick, mouse. The only thing that is scaring me, is that I don't know what motherboard revision my A500 have (aca 500 don't work with older versions), and I am kind'a afraid to open it up, I don't want to brake anything.

Sorry for the long post,
cheers to all.
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I would never, EVER, sell my original Amiga. I even bough a used one back in 1998 just to have spare parts for when my original Amiga decided to start dying on me. Even today I have both machines, both fully operational, and I revere them both. My favourite, though, is the 1989 original, that I purposely keep bone-stock (except for a 512kb Fast RAM expansion) just like it was back in the day. The mere though of selling it sends cold shivers down my spine. If I ever had committed such foolish deed, I would regret it bitterly 'till this day and would have probably amassed a significant collection of other Amigas just to compensate for the loss of my original one... almost as if I was begging for forgiveness. So, even though I never sold mine, I can still understand some of your pains...
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I swapped my A1200 for an NTSC SNES in around 1997. Was a pretty reasonable deal at the time, the Amiga was dead and this was before eBay so it wasn't that easy to get hold of foreign consoles. It was worth it just to play Mario Kart and Street Fighter at full speed and without black borders

I do regret not still owning my original 'childhood' Amiga though.
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I really regret selling my CD32 FMV cartridge. I only got like $300 for it - back in the mid-1990s.
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I regret selling my upgraded A500 and A2000 back in 1994 (i think). Replacement was a 486dx2-66 wich i also would like to have now... :'(
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I regret selling the DKB Cobra 030 card from my A1200 for peanuts. At least I still have the A1200.

I also wish I'd known I should remove the battery from my A4000. And I really regret binning most of it's remains...

Early 20's me did some dumb stuff...
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