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HYBRIS! That resulted in me imediately selling my ST to a kid at school and purcchasing an A500,...which I still own to this day, and it hasn't yellowed!!! :-D
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SOTB (couldnt really get into it, but the gfx...) and Speedball on a schoolmates A500. When i could afford my own A500 i lost a huge amount of time to things like Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, Sim City, Wings, Wings of Fury, Stunt Car Racer (had a ongoing challenge with my dad for those), P.O.W., Speedball 2 and later on (meanwhile: upgraded to an A2000 with Kickstart ROM Switch, upgraded Memory and of course HDD ) Frontier: Elite 2 and "Das schwarze Auge: Schicksalsklinge" ("Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny") and Mechforce.

best regards
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Originally Posted by profo View Post
SOTB (couldnt really get into it, but the gfx...)
yep, I never really played the game as it was too hard/boring for me, but the gfx aswell I could watch for hours. I wonder how next week's reboot on the PS4 will fare...
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Kick Off 2 on a friend's A500 in about May or June 1991, a few of us all playing it. I was useless at it, but after we'd finished his older brother came in and said "is it right that you can't decide between getting an Amiga or an ST?" I nodded shyly (his brother was 14 and already well into puberty, I was 9) and he just said "show him Beast'. And within a minute, I was playing the most spectacular audiovisual experience of my short life. For some reason I'd preferred the ST up to then - my best mate of the time had one, the vertical styling of the case was cool - but the ST couldn't've done this. It was actually six months, one school change and two broken wrists later that I got an Amiga (second hand and 1.2), and I never owned Shadow of the Beast or even played it seriously in emulation, but that moment probably set up a big part of the next five years of my life (and a very minor part to this day, clearly)
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First game I played was Nightbreed The Interactive Movie,the game got me to watch the film,and I love the film.same with Days of Thunder,I played the game first then saw the film.Love that film to,one of Tony Scott's best films he made.love the racing scenes,first time I saw Michael Rooker(Merle Dixon,Walking Dead).After about a month I swaped my Amiga 500 for aAtari ST and I was guted.that was in 1991,then in 1995 I was A600 at a carboot the pack with pushover in it(still have the game in its box and still loads),I got it for £30 the guy wanted £35 and it the A600 I have now on my desk next to me..,The games that I payed on that in 1995 that blowed me away was Full Contact and Alien Breed 1,love them games and the music.

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Defender of the Crown obviously, it looked unreal to me on the A500.
Then Games like Hybris, Xenon 2 which I was playing a lot at my best friends house... Still held on to my C128 at the time.
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Lemmings. I was in the British Army around June 1990 when one day my roommate brought an Amiga 500 back to camp with him which he unboxed and then promptly started playing Lemmings. Then I saw someone else playing Prince of Persia which is the game that made me buy my first Amiga which was also my first computer.
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Accolade presents ....Test Drive

que the music ...lol
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I used to go to a computer club where the owners were operating three machines: An IBM PC, Atari ST, and Amiga. On the Amiga, they were playing Castle Master but with no audio.
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There was One game I couldn't stop playing in 1995 on my A600 and I still play now is...Pinball Dreams,brilliant game and the music is wicked.
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Marble Madness... 256KB A1000.
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Narco Police on friends A500 in 1989. I had C64 at the time, and I was blown away by sprite animation. Got an A500 couple of months after that.
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Difficult to remember now, too far away.... But some of the first that impressed me:

Buggy Boy (first racing game that looked good)
Shadow of the Beast (atmosphere of the intro is enough)
StarWars (2.5D isometric scrolling)
F18 (definitely first on my own amiga, since it worked from keyboard and I had no joystick to start of with)
New Zealand Story (a classic platformer)

Multiplayer firsts:
Lemmings (visit your friends, and don't forget a mouse!)
Lotus (hours of fun and broken sticks)
Jaguar XJ220 (racing perfected)
Worms (the best party time)

Modem linked first:
Gloom (beginning of the modern network computer game age)

TCP/IP networked fun:
Quake and many mods

A lot more probably missed my mind at this time, but what nailed
my original amiga route was an app and not a game!
And that was PhotonPaint, 4096 colours on screen at the time was a killer and no alternative. And probably some first scrolling text demo
with copper effects and awesome stereo music to complete the picture.

Really, if you could show of some of this titles for 5 minutes to anyone,
people got hooked up and simple had to get a miggy even if they had no plans to get a computer.
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First Amiga game I ever saw was Marble Madness on an A1000 in high school, 1986.

The school had bought it's first Amiga along with Marble Madness. I'd never seen anything like it before (up to that point I'd only used Atari 2600, VIC-20 and BBC Micro). It was unreal! The graphics were awesome and the game was so unique and atmospheric. Since it made such a huge first impression with me it became my favorite Amiga game. It was also the first time I had ever seen and used a mouse!

I was stoked when I was recently able to pick up a mint factory sealed copy of this game cheap. It's gonna stay sealed.
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Sword of Sodan. A rich kid played it in his room in a drama serie on swedish television. I couldn't believe it was for real! But one day I eventually got my hands on a copy...
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My cousins down south got an Amiga a year or too before we did so my first hands on Amiga experience must have been with them some time in 1988. So (and I'm wracking my memory here) it must've been something like Zany Golf, Newzealand Story, Robocop or F/A 18 Interceptor.

We only had a BBC B at the time so I was somewhat blown away.

My actual first ever encounter with an Amiga may well have been at either Gemsoft or Just Micro in Sheffield but I can't remember anything specific. I do recall being amazed at the Atari St graphics on the Lancelot advert in The Micro User (one of the reasons I'm so fond of that game) but I must've seen other 16bit graphics around and about too.
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I would say 1986 Bubble Bobble and Rampage.
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Marble Madness was the first impressive game I saw (1987). So many more after that. Great time. It was a time of computer revolution not the evolution we have now.
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I was waiting for a guitar lesson in my teachers house. His son was in the living room playing Batman the Movie - the batmobile level. I had the C64 at that time and honestly wasn't sure if I was watching a movie or a game or what. Then I looked down and saw the very sexy looking A500. I was smitten and the C64 became a blocker to my getting an upgrade. I'm sorry to say it, in hindsight, but I did sell it a few years later when I got permission (I'm sure my parents saved long enough for the C64 themselves) and got an A600.

I played Batman on it constantly for a few years until I was finishing the game in about twenty minutes without loosing a life.

Playing it recently, it hasn't aged well. But because I still have all that muscle memory for it I do enjoy completing it on a break and remembering how I felt like I was Batman when I played as a child haha.

Nowadays, games aren't the biggest draw for me it seems. I don't understand it because I see them and get excited but get bored quickly regardless of the platform.
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Because as older you can see more wrong things in games. You analyse game instead of enjoying.
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