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Hi Amiga Fans, New here

Just thought I would introduce myself here on the forums!

Been an Amiga fan all my life (we got an a1000 in '86 and I was born in '79) - The amiga not only captivated my attention and did a great job of keeping me entertained for YEARS, it also kind of shaped my life as my first job was in a TV station running their graphics department on a brace of upgraded a1200's running scala multimedia!

Since then Ive always worked in the computing sector, from hardware sales to my current online gaming site, but I owe it all to the trusty old amiga!

Ive had:

A1000 (STILL got it)
1084s monitor (STILL got it)
External HD Floppy drive (STILL got it)
256k memory expansion (STILL got it)
A1200 (sold a long time ago)
A2000 (sold a long time ago)

Anyway, the A1000 has been in a cupboard now for years, in its original box and full packaging, and I will always keep that as it is what has given me a career - but until yesterday I hadnt played an Amiga game in about 10 years.....

.....until I found UAE!!!

Now Im playing defenders of the crown, and Ive downloaded loads of my old faves, sensi soccer, cannon fodder, north n south, king of chicago, treasure of monkey island and many more!

Anyway, thats my (much extended) hello, and trip down memory lane, and I look forward to being a member of this community!

(and beating anyone at sensi soccer as soon as Ive got used to it again )


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Missile Command Champion

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Nice story, MOGMartin. And welcome on EAB, the last resort for Amigianer.
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Graham Humphrey
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Welcome to EAB - the best Amiga forum on the net
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Lemon Curry ?

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Welcome aboard.
I too still have my trusty old 1084S, I'll never part with that one.
Sadly I don't have any Amiga computers in the house, but if I find a good offer on a souped up A1200 that might change for sure.
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Into the Wonderful

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They always come back in the end.

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Welcome to the Eab
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Old 14 November 2007, 20:22   #7
Ya' like it Retr0?
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Welcome to the EAB, I am sure you will like it here,

Theres a lot of mischief to getup to around here, since you favour your sensi soccer skills, then perhaps you should look at the Games League and as the Ferengi would say... put you latinium where your mouth is.

Theres also the Amiga Games Factory,. lots of community projects to get your mischief on

so kick back, relax, and enjoy the complete and totally worthy retr0-dom

glad to have you here.
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Old 14 November 2007, 22:35   #8
. . Mouse . .
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Old 24 November 2007, 00:57   #9
Stuck in the 80s

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Originally Posted by Dastardly View Post
They always come back in the end.

Ain't that the truth!

Welcome MOG Any pics of your 1000? You have to boot her up for old times sake
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Old 24 November 2007, 01:13   #10
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Old 24 November 2007, 23:03   #11
cheeky scoundrel

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Hey, an Amiga user from Spain Refreshing to see that your English is perfect, I have come to realize (by going to Spain) that not many Spanish people even know the language, or only very little

and I will always keep that as it is what has given me a career
Could you tell a little more about this? I am curious!
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crusader of light

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Welcome, beware of the duck!
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Diamond Geezer!

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@Mick: Nice warning.

Welcome MOG ... 'dos cerveza por favor'

Last edited by DaZZaBoY; 26 November 2007 at 23:07. Reason: missed a bit!
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