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Old 27 September 2004, 16:32   #1
I want an A1000

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Why did you buy your first Amiga?

I guess for most people the answer would be "the A500, to play those great games" but it should be interesting to also hear alternative stories you guys might have of the type "to finally shut my ST-owner mate's mouth" or "the arrival and technical superiority of the Amiga 1000 changed my life" etc. Of course, "to play X game" stories are always welcome.
For me it was the Commodore past which excluded every other option (C16, never got it to work, replaced by a C64 after a week, C128D), then a shocking preview photo of the A500 I used to gasp over, to be presented at the Cebit (tried to locate this photo on the net but had no success), and of course, the games, Defender Of The Crown namely. (too bad the 2nd disk had a read/write error, use DISKDOCTOR to correct it ).
Anyway, the entrance to the Amiga world is always a thing to remember.
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Old 27 September 2004, 16:43   #2

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I was amazed of the great graphics and sound my friends Amiga had (A500) , i still had C-64. Very anxious I was to get to play Marble Madness, Garrison II, Captain Fizz, Double Draon II, Sidewinder and all other lovely games I'd tried at my friends house.
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Old 27 September 2004, 16:44   #3
Posts: n/a
Because C64 sucked arse
Old 27 September 2004, 16:57   #4
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I was tired of using cassettes on my zx spectrum and I want more than 2 colors on 8x8 ;-) and when I heard some soundtrack from amiga (silkworm was firsts) I know that is it Amiga I should buy!
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Old 27 September 2004, 17:52   #5
Pipboy approved
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I bought it to impress the ladies! ...and for the graphics and games. But later I got more into the various tracker programs available for it.
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Old 27 September 2004, 18:28   #6
Global Caturator
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'Cause i wanted to add something colourful to my borrring life...
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Old 27 September 2004, 18:40   #7
where am i ?
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my bro had one... then he sold it...
made be buy another one (many had them in attics by then)
(then i later bought back the original a500 of my brother's but that's another story)
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Old 27 September 2004, 18:59   #8
Bad Mr Frosty
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Because my good (but slightly insane) friend offered to swap his Amiga 500 for my Atari ST. How could I refuse?
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Old 27 September 2004, 19:16   #9
Global Moderator

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Cuz my Girlfriends dad had one and I was WOW'd
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Old 27 September 2004, 20:09   #10
Retro Nuts

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Well i had a C64 for a long time (from 1983 when they came out) and i liked commodore,I had a c16 and plus 4 too,then in 1991 i had a chance of getting Amiga 500 and it was great and i have loved it ever since...
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Old 27 September 2004, 20:40   #11
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i wanted to have one for to join a fantastic internet board years after.

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Old 27 September 2004, 20:42   #12
Tim Janssen
Junior Member

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Stick out tongue Art education

I wanted to buy an Amiga only for the games but told my parents I would use it for drawing, DTP and so on. At that time (around 1991) I was seriously considering following an art school and that Amiga-thingy would come in handy. Pity I failed miserably for the passing exam. Now I had an excuse to use the Amiga only for games.
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Old 27 September 2004, 20:44   #13
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it was part of a huge masterplan, i wanted to mislead public attention by helping grow the mass entertainment business, while secondhandely (?) pursue my secret goals
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Old 27 September 2004, 20:55   #14
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My only goal in life that time was to play Carrier Command on my Amstrad CPC, but the Amiga Version made it on the Market before, so I bought an A500
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Old 28 September 2004, 01:21   #15
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a number of reasons

1 spectrum games started winding me up. 2 back in those days amiga were known as the best games computer. 3 one day i saw war in middle earth playing on a monitor in the computer shop.it looked so much better than the games for spectrum/electron. with my amiga i got escape from the planet of the robot monsters (great music, i want to see the arcade version) i bought lotus 1 and battlemaster both great and the music on lotus is great.
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Old 28 September 2004, 04:41   #16
Black Lives Matter

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Join Date: May 2001
Location: New York
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I didn't buy it, it was a present from my uncle. until then I had a C128, and I was just starting highschool. I travelled to Germany and as an xmas present I got an A600. The reasoning was that it was a better tool fohaving during highschool, and its small size would make it "sneakable" enough to get past customs inadvertently :P

I wish I had a 1200 instead back then, he told me "if you think there are good enough reasons we can give this one back and get a 1200". I was too worried about sneaking it past customs so I thought the 600 was cool.
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Old 28 September 2004, 11:11   #17
HOL / AMR Team Member

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Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Australia
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Twas the natural progression from the C64 for me at the time. I bought an A500 for the games as well as word processing for uni. assignments.
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Old 28 September 2004, 11:55   #18
Junior Member
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My Atari ST broke a week before my birthday in 91, and I was depressed. My parents felt sorry and thought to buy me a new computer as a surprise. My mother couldn't distinguish between ST and Amiga (they both looked similar to her), so she presented me with an A500. After the initial shock, I asked one of my pals who had an Amiga to bring the Kick Off 2 disk and his joystick. Several minutes later, I was happy again....
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Old 28 September 2004, 12:04   #19
Fanatically Amiga.

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1 game made me buy my first amiga.. Shadow of the beast (#1). Dixons had the rolling demo on display with endless people stopping to watch it.. "I gotta have one".
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Old 28 September 2004, 13:34   #20
Mostly Harmless

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...because by 1991 my Amstrad CPC was showing its age and my mate Dave
had an A500 with a pile of games. In a moment of madness I also considered
an STe, but I put that down to a bad curry the night before
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