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I am playing with a fresh install of AmigaBASIC and Workbench 1.3, all boots up nicely from my SDCard.

However I am unable to open any the projects in the BasicDemos directory. All open the Basic IDE and then throw an error saying "File not found".

Likewise, if I open the Basic IDE and select Open Project from the menu, entering DH0:BasicDemos/Picture throws the same error.

What am I missing?

Kickstart 1.3, ACA500Plus, Workbench 1.3.
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Ah ha my Google foo finally came up trumps.

"Run NoFastMem (i.e. disable FastMem)."
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Open the s:startup-sequence with an editor and put a semicolon in front of Sys:system/FastMemFirst

then it should work (after rebooting).
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Thomas Richter
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Originally Posted by gurth View Post
What am I missing?

Microsoft Basic aka AmigaBasic is just broken. It works only with processors having a 24 bit (16MB) address space, such as the 68000, 68010 and the 68EC020, and fails as soon as you have a processor supporting 32 bit memory, so everything from the 68020 onwards fails.

Microsoft used the 8 MSBs of each address to store private information (probably as a side effect of AmigaBasic just being a port of Microsoft Basic for Mac, and early versions of MacOs using the same stunt).

The 24bit processors I mentioned above ignore the topmost byte of each address, but every more modern processor does not.

Whether the machine has fast mem or chip mem does not matter, it is the processor type or its address space that matters.
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Not sure if it fix anything
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