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Old 03 June 2001, 17:16   #1

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What Amigas R U running?

Just wanted to get a feel for the Amigas people are still running on this board.

Mines a 1200 with a 360Mb hard drive, 6megs ram, second drive and a microvetech multisync monitor.

Wish I still had my classic 500, the one that came with the "batman pack". Bet that was the most popular amiga packages in the UK! Some money was spent that christmas by our parents!

The hard drive is full of nostalgic games, which is about all I use my Amiga for now. Need to track down some classic microswitch joysticks however for that genuine feel, as my old ones are done for. Bought a pad, but it doesn't seem right.

It's unbelievable how far a small hard drive will go on an amiga - it took me ages to fill up!

Got a 1 gig hard drive lying around, will that work with the amiga 3.0 OS?

Thanks for the input
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Old 03 June 2001, 17:31   #2
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Amiga 3000 with Workbench 3.1
2 hd, 200 mb maxtor and 100 mb maxtor
a very old retina card, don't know which
something of 18 mb ram
hd is filled with games and mod's
syquest, 4x cd-rom, 2 diskdrives (low density)

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Old 03 June 2001, 19:00   #3
Posts: n/a
Amiga 4000/30
Workbench 3.5
850 meg hard disk
16 meg memory
cd rom
crap phillips monitor
external floppy disk
Parallel port connection to my PC
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Got the fever back
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Location: Toronto / Canada
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Amiga 2000 3megs of ram 40 megHD.. pure oldskool.. heh..

Stock amiga 1200.. 4 floppy drives.. 1942 monitor. networked with my PC..

100 original pieces of software. Mostly psygnosis games.. hehe

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Old 04 June 2001, 19:10   #5
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Join Date: May 2001
Location: New York
Posts: 19,265
- Amiga 600HD
- Workbench 2.05
- 30MB HD (WOW! )
- 2MB Chip RAM
- Commodore 1084S Monitor
- Crappy PC converted FDD
- Serial TCP/IP connection with my Linux box. And I use TwinExpress too

And it's nearing its 9th year sniff sniff
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Old 08 June 2001, 02:56   #6
Posts: n/a

2MB Chip ram (No ram upgrades found)
120Mb harddisk
2 external disk drives
Connected to TV through Comp video out
Old 08 June 2001, 08:00   #7
2 contact me: email only!

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Join Date: May 2001
Location: Auckland / New Zealand
Posts: 3,153
My Amiga 1200

Amiga 1200
50Mhz 68030
2Mb chip, 8Mb fast
1.2 gig HD
14.4k modem
NetworkPC'd via parallel cable (approx 1Mb/minute transfer speed) to my PC (so I can use CD's)
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Old 14 June 2001, 16:55   #8
Posts: n/a
Here goes:

2 Amiga 1200's, both with Monitor..

1 1200 with 550MB HD 020+ processor 8MB Fast
+ extra diskdrive
+ OS 3.1

1 1200 with 2Gig HD 030 processor 8MBFast
+ extra diskdrive
+ cd32 joypad
+ cd-rom drive
+ handy scan
+ OS 3.1

These both Amiga's are connected with parNET and 1 Amiga is connected with my pc.. (Twinexpress, AExplorer..)
Old 14 June 2001, 17:13   #9
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Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: UK
Age: 41
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Blizzard 030 50Mhz
32 meg Fast RAM
2 gig and 1 gig hard disks
x24 CD-ROM
CD-writer when needed
Old Commodore monitor
Power Tower
Power Flyer
A4000 keyboard

With Action Replay
Philips monitor

Other A500s and A600s.
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Old 15 June 2001, 13:05   #10
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I have two Amiga's..

Amiga 1200, with a Blizzard 1230-III (68030 @ 50MHz, plus FPU and MMU)
32MB's of Fast-RAM
800MB internal 2.5" IDE-drive
One internal, plus two external low-density diskdrives...

... and a TV for a monitor.

I also have an A500, but the internal diskdrive is broken.

I use my A1200 for games, and some quick Deluxe Paint'ing.
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Old 15 June 2001, 13:28   #11
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Location: Cagliari / Italy
Age: 56
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Amiga 1200 with BlizzardIV (68030/50)
16Mb RAM
2Gb Hard disk
8x CD drive
Kickstart and Workbench 3.0
HP690C printer
Microvitec M1438S monitor
Quickshot microswitch joystick (found for 5.000 ITL, around 2,5$)
A spare 200Mb bootable HD (just in case)
Almost all Lucasfilm adventures (original) and many coverdisk CDs from AF, CU and Enigma (an italian Amiga mag).

I mainly use it for games and for my own home accounting.
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Old 19 June 2001, 23:53   #12
Posts: n/a

- Amiga 1200
- Blizzard 020 stuffed with 4 mb fast ram
- Workbench 3.1
- 1200MB HD
- Some kind of Commodore Monitor
- CDROM (4x)
Old 20 June 2001, 04:42   #13
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Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: UK
Age: 40
Posts: 117
Standard A1200
1GB Hard Disk (internal)

Standard A500
512KB upgrade

That's all. The A1200 is used to create ADFs for ALE (just so you know).
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Old 25 July 2002, 23:06   #14
Posts: n/a
I'm just surprised to see this forgotten thread. There are newer ones with exactly the same topic. When we organize eab's history, perhaps we should learn from our past mistakes and prevent duplicate threads. This one could grow into the popular "how many of you actually got amigas" and "which amiga models do you use" threads. Anyway just my humble opinions.
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And I just realised, my Amiga´s are missing here

Ok, I mainly use two Amiga´s :

- A2000
- Blizzard 2060/66Mhz. with 64MB Ram
- EGS Spectrum 2MB Grafics Card (running at 1024x768x16Bit)
- 19" Peacock Monitor
- 8x SCSI CDRom (NEC)
- 2,1 GB SCSI HD (Quantum)
- Bridgeboard A2286 with HD, VGA, Floppy, ISA Network Card

and (mainly for gaming and testing) :

- A1200
- Blizzard 1230/50Mhz. with 64MB Ram
- 40x IDE CDRom
- 10 GB IDE HD (Seagate)
- IDEfix Adapter
- PCMCIA Network Card
- Philips CM-8833

and another 12 Amigas hanging around, doing some gaming stuff now and then
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Old 25 July 2002, 23:21   #16

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Hey! I think this was MY VERY FIRST THREAD ON EAB!!!!!!!! Written over a year ago yet it seems like yesterday.

Please handle this thread with care EAB brothers - it's very sacred to me and I NEVER WANT IT DELETED - DO YOU HEAR MODS?

So no spamming up this thread with useless information.

I need to update my Amiga setup as well. Everything's the same except now it's got 10 MB RAM and a 1.2Gig slim line 3.5" HD.

WOW POSTING IN MY VERY FIRST THREAD. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! I love praising myself.

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Old 25 July 2002, 23:46   #17
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Location: New York
Posts: 19,265
I have since then expanded teh collection, so here goes:

-1GB Seagate superslim 3.5" HD
-Microbotics XA1230 030@50 with 32MB Fast on it.
-Connected to a Goldstar Studioworks 76i under Productivity/Euro72 for serious work, and to a crap TV for games. I need a scandoubler! though ModePro rocks for Scala
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Old 26 July 2002, 00:24   #18
Posts: n/a
Here is my setup:

- Amiga 1200 (german keyboard)
- Blizzard IV 30@50 with 32 MB Fast Ram
- Workbench 3.1
- 350 MB HD

- Amiga 600 (british keyboard)
- 2 MB Chip Ram
- Workbench 2.1
- 320 MB HD

- 2 external diskdrives
- Philips VS0080 monitor with SCART connector

- More than 1000 WHDLoad games

Both computers in mint condition
Old 26 July 2002, 00:34   #19
crusader of light

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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Stone, Staffordshire.
Posts: 1,147
Standard A1200 Base
IDE 2.1 GIG HDD In External Caddy
Whippit Fast PCMCIA Serial Port
Workbench 3.0
1084S Monitor
2 Cumana External Floppy Drives
Over 6000 floppys full of software

I could tower an A1200 or get a PPC card for it but why mess with perfection could do with more RAM though...
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Old 26 July 2002, 00:48   #20
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Location: Derby, UK
Age: 40
Posts: 2,150
PPC A1200 in a tower.

34 mb's of memory (2 chip mem and 32 on the PPC card)
Blizzardvision GFX card.
A hard drive of some discription
A CD-Rom drive
OS 3.5 At the minute.
68040@25 mhz on the PPC card too.
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