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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
dune 2 pc is better in my opinion. I like the midi tunes and there are more sounds and slightly improved graphics, plus no disk swapping of course The only annoyance back in the day was to get the extra sounds working because you needed an insane amount of conventional memory free (624k if I'm not mistaken), but nowadays we have dosbox to fix that.

Yeah, Dune 2 PC version is way better than the Amiga version... the PC version had more colors, faster loading, smoother playing, but best of all, lots of different ingame tunes... amiga only has ONE ingame tune....
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lots of different ingame tunes...
Well, maybe 6 tunes that are not too long But still way better than the Amiga one. The midis actually help create a dune atmosphere, the music fits so well with the game.

I'm having trouble thinking of another game though, ignoring bad Amiga arcade ports of course. The Amiga versions of games were usually not only the most playable, but despite the fact that the games had less colours they were put to a much better use. Just look at HeroQuest for example, the 256 color pc version looks like CRAP compared to the Amiga version. The palette used is grim and dark and it just fits the mood of the game so much better.


(pictures near the bottom of the page)
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I agree about Dune 2 on pc, it was better and i bought it for pc. And unfortunatly, disks are no more readable . Maybe better, i have spent quite a lot of time with that game!
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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
It is called Civilization 4: Colonization. Don't let the name fool you, it is a stand alone game and the civ 4 "engine" has been upgraded for it. It looks freaking amazing (not far cry 2 beautiful of course, but still) and if what I read is true it still plays identically to the original, only with a 300 turn limit to win.

BestBuy $29.99

Circuit City $24.99 ($5.00 saving)

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Thanks for the info Anubis Should plan buying it for next month
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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
I am with you on that one, the Ninja series was literally butchered on the Amiga
I totally agree on that one, except for Thalion's Ninja Remix (which was a rather nice 16 bit version of Last Ninja 1) the Last Ninja series on Amiga totally sucked. I remember how disappointed I was when I saw Last Ninja 2 on Amiga as I expected it to be much better than the C64 version. Same for Myth, the C64 version was totally cool, Amiga version was a big disappointment for me.
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I think Giana Sisters controls are more responsive on the C64 versus the relatively slow Amiga version.
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slowest is Amstrad CPC version of Giana Sisters
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Another World is right, the controls are crucial when giving one's opinion as to which game is better on such and such platform.

The PC suffered from having an excessive number of insipid Quake-like, since people were getting used to operate a keyboard & a mouse for their games instead of a joystick (and wanted 3D at all costs, but that's another story).

The Playstation was a crappy console (on the tech specs level at least) but it made a smart use of cinematics and moreover it had the finely crafted DualShock gamepad. So, for people with no possibility to populate a Computer Room, I guess the consoles are the way to go, even at the cost of a few fps & sparkles.
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The Playstation was a crappy console (on the tech specs level at least)
It wasn't crappy, a lot of development companies simply didn't have the brainpower to properly develop a game for it. The specs were comparable to an Amiga, the processor might have been slow but it had the dedicated supporting hardware to counter that problem.

Just look at the technically spectacular Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 9 and Metal Gear Solid 1, these games really show what the console was capable of. I guess you needed Asian genes to be able to manage it.
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The PSX has awesome 2D games too. Check Castlevania - Symphony of the Night. Or the great arcade ports like Raiden, Strider 1 & 2 or R-Type.
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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
WOW! Thanks for the link!!! Really, I used to use the Hero Quest miniatures and all stuff with Dungeons & Dragons. I never played Advanced HQ... it must be intriguing...
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I have MGS for PSX and PC, the PC version is a complete port of PSX, to the point where the graphic instructions for which buttons to press in the torture chamber, still shows the PSX buttons but has a voiceover telling you the PC equivalents!

PSX better because the controls were based around the PS controller.
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Many games released in PC after 1991 were actually better looking that the Amiga ones. However, PCs suffered from the luck of decent joysticks. Overe here though, ACS released some amazing arcade joysticks for the PC.
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