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Viper 1230 (dkb cobra) Kickstart3.1 problem

I have just picked up a viper 1230 card to replace my now broken apollo 1240. When I put ram into the viper it it wont boot on my Kickstart 3.1 amiga 1200 I read somewhere that the accelerator needs to be reflashed to enable it to work with KS3.1 can anyone help with the flash file or confirm that this is the problem. The card works perfectly in my other A1200 with any size sim I try which is a KS3.0 machine. I should point out that my KS3.1 amiga has had all the motherboard timing issues fixed when I bought the apollo.
Thanks for any help
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heys there dibnah,

Welcoem to the EAB, i am sure you will like it here.

hmmm i do remeber reading about this some where on the boards, I believe some one managed to load the 3.1 rom to memory on thier 3.0 machine and it worked fine. strange.... i will see what a search brings up.
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For anyone who is interested - I've uploaded a copy of the manual to the Zone - doesn't answer the 3.1 question, but might help with other things...
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Thanks to Galaxy and his PM's during the day I have managed to ascertain the sim, fpu and xtals are all ok as well as the jumpers. For completeness I wish to offer the actual solution here for anyone else with the same problem i.e. with KS3.1 in and a sim installed in the Viper 1230 the machine hangs during self test with a purple screen, by removing the sim the machine boots perfectly, this is regardless of sim size.
My particular card is http://amigahardware.mariomisic.de/c...cgi?HARDID=119
though I believe this works for all the DKB clones.
What I have found though is a flash upgrade for this card. Its at http://www.l8r.net/install/hard_driv...dkb.ferret.DMS
The driver dms has a fault in the image in the last few sectors when you extract it but its ok. Basically you run the install program (even though it says its for the scsi interface) and make sure you select install scsi drivers. This then flashes your card with the scsi drivers and the new memory drivers which make the card compatible with KS3.1 then simply select the sim speed you are using for my 60ns sim I selected 70ns as it doesnt allow 60ns in the installer. Turn off the machine for 30 secs and then turn on. In my case I found it worked perfectly with my 60ns 32Mb sim and KS3.1 WB3.9

Thanks to the guys above for their help. I am sure I will enjoy my time here zetr0, as an ex commodore Amiga developer I was brushing off my collection of Amiga's and having a touch of nostalgia having played with UAE. I hadnt realised quite how many old machines and upgrades I had in my collection. Even though I have kept it mostly in the dark its surprising how yellow lots of my kit has become.
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Excelent, I am really glad you got it going and solved the problem! well done indeed..

as far as all you old kit.... we like hardware pr0n at the ebay... lots of pictures of hardware please... yes... thank you muchly... the rarerer the better

have a look at sub-forums in prb.hardware./prb.harware.pics

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