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Installing TV Sport Baseball on HD help

Hi there,
Is it possible to install TV Sport Baseball on to the HD.
It says on the Gage web site 'Advanced Quitable Patch: WHDLoad ~ using KickEmu' . How do I do that? Search EAB and the Web but couldn't find anything about KickEmu.
Any ideas how one does it.

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Kickstart Emulation

Some installs use a so called kickemu to have a complete AmigaOS environment for the installed program. For that kickemu a original kickstart image is required. This image can be extracted from a real Amiga with tools like GrabKick or similar which can be found on aminet. The supported image version depends on the installed program.

You should find an information about which image must be used in the supplied ReadMe file. The image for kickstart versions 1.2 and 1.3 can only extracted from a appropriate A500, for version 3.1 it can extracted from a A1200 or A4000. If the image cannot be found by WHDLoad or the image is of the wrong version or altered in any way, WHDLoad will quit with an appropriate error message. Additionally a relocation file with the extension .RTB matching the kickstart image must be present.

This relocation file can be found on aminet in the archive util/boot/skick345.lha. Both files, the kickstart image and the relocation file must be located in the directory Devs:Kickstarts/ and must have the correct name. The following table shows the names of the files depending on the kickstart version:

Vr. Name Kickstart Image: Name Relocation File:
1.2 Devs:Kickstarts/kick33192.A500 Devs:Kickstarts/kick33192.A500.RTB
1.3 Devs:Kickstarts/kick34005.A500 Devs:Kickstarts/kick34005.A500.RTB
3.1 Devs:Kickstarts/kick40068.A1200 Devs:Kickstarts/kick40068.A1200.RTB
Devs:Kickstarts/kick40068.A4000 Devs:Kickstarts/kick40068.A4000.RTB

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Thanks for the info. I have these files already installed on my A1200.
I just need to know how to install TV Baseball on to the A1200 HD.
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The installer that comes with TVSB works on an A1200 the game runs but would not work correctly from Workbench/Scalos, I had to boot with no startup and run it from shell. I can't find a WHDLoad slave for this game and it is not listed as having one on HOL, although HOL incorrectly states that there is no HD install at all.
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I will gave it a try.
Thanks OddbOd
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