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Are you new to the Amiga or old timer person to the Amiga.??????

Are you new to the Amiga or old timer person to the Amiga.??????

Do you like all new amiga comeing out today.????
And the Amiga forever and amikiik and aros .?????????

I do like amiga forever and amikit and aros .?????????

But the old amiga are the best .??????
like amiga a 500 and cdtv amiga ....

P.S i am useing raspberry pi with help off Aros ....
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Had one back in the 90's, loved it, and still do.... but my original one died. Been using UAE to get my fix over the years

Had an A500+ with GVP A530, and a Amiga CD32 - both were great systems.
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I got my first Amiga in 1992, so by today's date I'm an old-timer I guess. I'm mostly interested in the classic machines, not so much the next-gen stuff.
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I am a new timer.

I would like to own a modern Aros system or an AmigaOne so I can run AmigaOS4 but they are too expensive for my budget.

So I try to get the most of my 1200 with upgrades and replacement parts
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Old timer ... got the A500 in 1988 or 1989 ... i have to sold it in the 90's for my studies.
I bought some more one and a A1200 a few years ago so i'm a new timer too.
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Walk Off? Boolander!
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I got my first Amiga when the A600's came out around 92-93, but had played on friends Amigas since the A500 came out!

I used my A600 up until about 97, it was then packed away until i resurrected it a few years ago.

The A1200 i also have now is new to me and was bought a few years back.

I had a C64 before the Amiga in which we got in 1984 and was our first computer.

I guess you could say i'm an old timer!
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I had my first A500 when I was 14 in the 90s. Since then I have had an Amiga 1200 and finally my 4000 when I went to university. It is still in operation today taking pride of place on my desk at home.
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Old 20 August 2014, 13:52   #8
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Old timer I guess. Got my first A500 around 1988 or 89 and havent stopped, got most of the range now apart from the 3000T or 4000T and I'm doing something with at least one of my classics everyday (spent a fortune with AmigaKit).

Even though my 4000 and 1200 are modified my classic fave is my A3000 currently without its lid on, waiting for the Prisma.

And i'm typing this on a AmigaOne 500 which is my everyday computer, so yes I like the new stuff as well.
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Lone CBM user

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old timer, i was around when the A1000 was released.
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My first Amiga was the Amiga 500 Batman pack but then I was around when the ZX80 etc first came out
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Stuck in the 80s

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Originally Posted by mcbone View Post
Are you new to the Amiga or old timer person to the Amiga.??????

Do you like all new amiga comeing out today.????
And the Amiga forever and amikiik and aros .?????????

I do like amiga forever and amikit and aros .?????????

But the old amiga are the best .??????
like amiga a 500 and cdtv amiga ....

P.S i am useing raspberry pi with help off Aros ....
old timer - got my first Amiga (500) in 1990

New Amiga? - Too expensive, so tend to stick with the classic machines (I would like a go with OS4 though sometime)

Amiga Forever - it's okay although the AF Premium Package not changed much since 2005

Yep, the original Amiga's will always be the best
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Old timer,
Got my first Amiga in 1988 , got thrown into the crak'ing business very fast together with people from defjam and others. Making games never really got to be my future, although i did make a few very small games and few other developments.

I've had UAE installed many times and followed its early days on pc, but never gotten back to the CBM desktop and actually opened my AsmOne sources again.

DFF096 Rulez forever!
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Originally Posted by whitegiant89 View Post
old timer, i was around when the A1000 was released.
Just like me. On the other side, I´m much more close to the classic systems. The new ones based on PPC are far from the classic feeling, in my humble opinion.
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Old 20 August 2014, 18:37   #14
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I guess I'm an Old timer.

I got my first Amiga 500 in 1990, I couldn't afford a hard drive for it back then, but I was happy with a couple of extra disk drives and the action replay mkiii cart.

I got the Amiga 1200 when it was released in 1992, used that until the Playstation came out. Then my amiga days ended.

I got my first pc in 1997, it was a pentium 120, with 16mb ram, with a 1gb bigfoot hard drive, 4mb video card, sound blaster 16 sound card and 56k modem etc.

I kept upgrading my pc, I'm not sure when winuae was first about, but think I first used it when my pc had a AMD K6/2 500 I think it was.

I realised that I missed the good old Amiga days, and have been using the Emulator ever since.

I'd say that Winuae got me back into the Amiga as I've got a few real machines again now and I don't intend to get rid of them again, I think I only got rid of them back in the day as was younger and needed the money.

As much as I'm an old timer, I do like that new hardware is being made for our old machines.
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Old 20 August 2014, 23:57   #15
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Old timer, got my first A1200 in 1994. Got rid of it in about 1997 when we finally got a 'family PC' (from memory I traded my A1200 for an NTSC SNES) and then got back in to the Amiga in about 2011. I must admit I'm not in the slightest bit interested in OS4, Morph, AmigaOne etc, seems like a waste of time to me. An Amiga OS is never going to compete with a modern OS, so I just enjoy WB 3.1 for the nostalgia. I think the only 'new' thing that would interest me would be a newly developed and affordable 060 card.
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Old timer here!

Amiga lover since 1988/89. Friend of mine got an A500 Screen Gems pack which made me so jealous lol. We had great fun playing North & South lol. I still had a 48k spectrum at the time.

Then a brief stint with an Atari STE was soon changed when another friend got an A500 Cartoon classics pack one christmas. Upon seeing him playing Assassin, well that was a turning point which just blew me away totally!

From then on I have owned at least one Amiga of some sort, working or not.

WinUAE has been a godsend! Back in the early days it was such a big thing. Being able to emulate an Amiga. Was the icing on the cake. I even wanted to completely replace windows with workbench. I dreamed long about that lol.

So the present day, after a 15year break I finally have an Amiga 1200 back on the internet properly, this time using Wifi. Next I will re-create the original workbench install from 1999. I had the foresight to backup all my stuff onto CDR's using my first (expensive) CD writer. I found the original box for it a while back and the price just shocked me... the cost was £148! I still have it btw! Afaik it still works. Maybe its time to fish it out for my Amiga installs.

Also back then, I went into the "Self built Tower conversion" days. I did a good job on those with the limited tools I had. I should find all the pictures I did. but now its all about being original for me! So my A1200's are in their original cases.
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Alien Breeder
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Me old too... started in 1991 with an A500, had no Amiga only for 2 weeks since then. In that case the actual I had way back was broken so had to wait for the repair
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Old 21 August 2014, 02:07   #18
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Old Timer, a500 in 88/89 ?
Still have it

"new amiga coming out today ?"
What is this of which you speak ?

AROS --- Tried it
4 colours and not very intuitive

AmiKit --- not tried it
did not know it was available on Windows

Amiga-forever =
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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i got my first A600 in november 1992, with DD3, Alien Breed and Rodland
then i bought up my A1200 (1st one) in 1998 for 650 francs.
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Old timer... Used an A1000 for the first time in 1986, got an A500 of my own in 1989, never been without an Amiga since. :-D
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